• Being Arrogant Really Comes from Fear Being Arrogant Really Comes from Fear

    Being Arrogant Really Comes from Fear

Being Arrogant Really Comes from Fear

From definition of being arrogant in the British Dictionary: 1. having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance,merit, ability, etc; 2. conceited; 3. overbearingly proud. So let’s look at these terms.  I bring them up because during my journey and growth, I have had to deal with my own high level of arrogance, which has really gotten in the way of me reconnecting with the true Love of who I am.  Why is this? Based on the concept that no 2 things can occupy the same space at the same time, in each and every moment, you are either being Love or Anger/Fear.   Love creates abundance and Fear creates loss/lack and illness. So that being said, when I am being arrogant, I am truly being in anger/fear because of the following: 1) In having an exaggerated opinion of my own importance, I am not being in the love of all things.  I am in separation instead of oneness.  In oneness, which can only be entered when one is being Love, everyone is important and everyone has the same level of importance…. no one is more important than the other.  Oneness sees there is a different role that everyone plays, however each role has its purpose.  Oneness doesn’t place its own role as being any more special because to do so would be to also dishonor a part of itself as well…. and Oneness honors all (form or on this topic see the self improvement material at So I believe, arrogance is the other side of the coin of having a low esteem of self.  Arrogance is a means of covering up any misguided perceptions of one’s own worth, for whatever reason.  Sometimes, it can be from someone not feeling deserving of love, they believe they are less than […]
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    My First Experience With Energy Genesis My First Experience With Energy Genesis

    My First Experience With Energy Genesis

My First Experience With Energy Genesis

I have done Life Vessel before many years ago and last week,  I had my first session with Energy Genesis.  What is Energy Genesis?  Well it is a new technology that uses light and sound vibration to support your cells back into their unadulterated state of being (kind of like the technology used by Life Vessel, only differently and not really the same technology).  It is kind of interesting because I was going to say that it supports your cells back into they way they were when you were first born, however, now that I think about it, even in the womb, we are subjected to all kinds of environmental, chemical, and vibrational toxins, do we ever experience an unadulterated state of being? Well, at any rate, as I said, last week I got a session and right after the session, I was feeling really, really good.  Like I had some laughing gas or something.  That state of extreme well being lasted for several hours.  For the rest of the day, I was quite creative and thinking of solutions to situations that had never come to me before.  The next day I noticed that I was experiencing some interesting detox symptoms which included everything from a thick sinus discharge (Yummy, Yum, Yum!!!), to runny nose (different from the more obnoxious sinus discharge), to sneezing and other types of detox symptoms.  I won’t go too graphic on you because this is a family show and you also might be doing the “reading the Internet and eating multi-tasking thing.” At any rate, one of the things I have to do after this session is to really drink a lot of water for a week afterward to assist the detoxing process.  Although […]
  • My Journey Into Living My Love My Journey Into Living My Love

    My Journey Into Living My Love

My Journey Into Living My Love

This is my journal on my experiences into living a life where I am chosing Love over choosing Anger/Fear.  For all of my life I have chosen anger/fear to respond through.  One thing I have learned in my journeys and experiences is that anger is the source of fear.  There are many different forms of anger and the one that I was really into was vengence and revenge.  It took the most subtlest of forms yet it created the most major of obstacles. As I discuss my journey on this blog, I will share everything I have experienced and maybe it can support someone else in seeing what they are doing that is holding themselves back and keeping themselves down from truly living the life they want to live. My journey began almost 20 years ago, however, it wasn’t until about 8 years ago that I began to truly see the importance of the subtleties.  That was because of working with a Godsend of a person and using the material The Choice Is Mine.  Until then, I was only able to make surface changes and was not able to truly get to the core of what was holding me back because I didn’t know how to until I was introduced to this material. The only reason why it took 8 years was because of me, and my stubbornness of wanting to do it my way, no matter the fact that I was given the tools for the formula for success.  I was so deep into the lifelong patterns of revenge and vengeance, that I was not able to let go of doing it my way for the longest of times.  Sure I had put myself in the […]

Personal Development First Step – Be Clear on What You Want.

What Do You Want? A good first question to ask yourself is what do you want? In my knowing, the reason you are here is because somehow, someway, you asked for what this course will provide you no matter how it came to you. Some part of you wanted to know how to be you and the love of you.  If you allow it to be so, you will need to answer the questions; “who am I”, “why am I here”, “how did my life get to where it is” and “what can I do to affect my personal and professional life through greater grace, ease, abundance, joy and freedom”? The first question to realize is, did you know that you are the creator of what and how you experience life? Knowing this is huge because now you realize you are no longer a victim to your circumstances. As harsh as this may sound, no one is doing anything to you that on some level you did not influence through your beliefs. You were given a free will to experience life as you choose. It is up to you to choose conditionally through fear or unconditionally through being love. Find something to assist you in becoming more and more aware of what motivates the choices made through both love and fear and HOW this happens. The second question is, who are you going to be? Will you Dishonor self by what ‘you think’ is required of you to look good in the eyes of others? A Dishonored Self who wakes up and continues exhaustion, dreading another day, denying the dance, and silencing the song of you? Or an Esteemed self who is the individual who cannot wait to […]
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Moment To Moment We Define Who We Are And How We Live Life

We build our life moment to moment and the building blocks we use either defines “our excellence” or “defeats us” through negative mental attitudes… same moment… different mindset. You and only you have an option to build upon defining moments through empowering mindsets… or not. Its all in the moment. The defining moment of choice. Negative or positive what will you choose. Negative: from a mind that clouds and deceives you into denial, disagreement, or refusal to be optimistic thereby perceiving situations from a defeatist attitude that builds upon moments that create disastrous results. Positive: unconditional accountability from a mind that supports you in staying focused on “what you love” creating flow and a level of abundance each step of the way. It’s always your choice. It always within your power to choose to define who you are. Defining moments of choosing positive over negative allows you to realize that you create your reality through the choices you make… in the moment… from whatever choice you have made… in that moment… you are enough and you have enough. Realize moments change through choices… a “new moment” can redefine and build anew. Its up to you to choose… differently… if a different outcome is what you want. Do you want ease, grace and abundance “to be the how” in which you build your life… or not? Your choice… and “only” your choice. When we define EACH moment through unconditional accountability excellence ensues because when we choose to be unconditionally accountable for our choices… no judgement or blame… guilt or shame… just becoming aware by allowing what was, then choosing differently… this opens your intuition to automatically guide you to the most supportive and logical step to build the life of your dreams more easily, through grace […]
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A Healthy Ego Creates Happines And Success In Business And In Our Personal Lives

I realize that most define the ego as a part of the self to suppress or get rid of, to cringe or run from when it rises its ugly head. Yet, what allowed me to change a life of despairing circumstances was an unconventional wisdom that positively moved me forward personally and professionally. What was that insightful piece of wisdom that was different from the norm currently being taught? That I was not to be afraid of or suppress my ego instead I was to know that it was birthed… like a baby… innocent and pure. This “pure ego”, has a healthy and balanced view of itself. It is able to express its uniqueness, unselfishly through the unique gift of who we are and can, if allowed, build strongly by resisting to form defeating attitudes. People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear/anxieties, anger and complacency pervade. Motivation comes in many forms and goes by many names. Creating, maintaining and sustaining that inner drive to succeed personally and professionally comes from a healthy and well balanced ego. By using the purity of your ego to empower you, it remains healthy and balanced. A healthy and balanced ego is your own Self Empowerment Expert. Success, either in business or life, is rooted from taking action without attempting to force or manipulate something into place. It is about taking risks, being bold, having vision, showing courage, taking responsibility, and making a commitment to excellence every day. It is also about stepping out of your comfort zone, facing your fears, and making short term sacrifices to achieve long term goals. This is a healthy ego. You also are able to make better choices that will […]
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The 5 Commandments Of A Success Consciousness:

As a service provider, not only is it important to develop and maintain a success consciousness for yourself to keep your business profitable and growing, it is also important to have that consciousness for your customers and clients.  Whether you realize it or not, your degree of consciousness is on display to your customers by how you interact with them, and by the experiences they have in your store.  The condition of your store, the quality of your business and the feeling people have when interacting with you, or your business is a direct reflection of your level of consciousness. Why is this important to be aware of your level of consciousness?  Because service providers are considered the leaders, or experts in their field and need to have a good handle on their own inner growth, and awareness.  Your customers come to you for more information and guidance to become more successful themselves, and if your business is disorganized, if you have trouble making your rent, or your personal life is in chaos, then how can you be the shining beacon of light for your customers?  Even if they may not be conscious and aware of this, we are all one, and on some level, they DO know.  Why should they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on inner growth material with someone who is struggling just as much as they are? The good news is that it isn’t as difficult, or doesn’t take as long to turn things around.  If you are aware of the 5 commandments of success consciousness, you can apply them not only to your business, but to your personal life as well.  Using these concepts consistently and in a grounded way, […]
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The Most Helpful Mindset To Have In Personal And Professional Development – Part III

This is part 3 of this article on the kind of mindset you require to make the most in both your personal development and professional development, it that is something you are interested in growing into.  This last piece of the article talks about courage and wisdom and how these two characteristics assist in getting faster growth with your professional and personal development path. Read on for more: HUMAN POTENTIAL – TOOLS FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE COURAGE Found in Your Passion/Commitment: Courage is the inner passion, a drive to progress regardless of the perceived difficulty. Actions are “preceded” by the strength of your words. Words are “preceded’ by the courage found in your inner passion. All combined creates your experiences. For the purpose of this three part article we are going to discuss the Strength of your words, the Courage found in your passion and Wisdom found in reality as the keeper of truth… how this ties into you becoming aware of how your perception of love is at your core. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you MUST STEP FORWARD and meet the requirements of the time, of “your” current situation through competence. Competence describes MORE than just skills and knowledge. Competence represents anything that improves your ability to perform, including your knowledge, skills, relationships, resourcefulness, processes, systems and information. Building your competence boosts your confidence. Building competence requires courage…courage to face the reality through facts. Seek honest feedback based on reality as the keeper of truth. Then, be ready for what you might hear and be prepared to make changes that might feel uncomfortable, yet it […]

The Most Helpful Mindset To Have In Personal And Professional Development – Part II

This is part 2 of the article of what holds us back and keeps us down from experiencing powerful professional and personal development.  Read on for more about strengthening your words and how strong languaging affects your results and reality in part 2 of this series. STRENGTH of YOUR WORDS. Although strength covers different attributes in human behavior the strength I am talking about is in the words you use to describe yourself, others, your reality as well as living up to your word. Having a clear focus to “speak” with strength so actions of strength can follow builds a freedom within you building upon an unshakable trust and faith which enables you to be all you can be. This is how it works. First you must realize that deprived of any qualities is power that comes from force. Real power comes from congruent thoughts, words and actions that are backed up by the energy of positive, responsible and accountable choices. Here is an example of what occurs when words lack strength. People give a polite word or sign of welcome or recognition to each other without a conscious thought that the energy behind the words they use reinforces “INTO LIFE” what comes out of their mouth. Think of the last time you heard someone (or even yourself) respond to a greeting of “How are you?” with “Just so-so,” or “I’m surviving”. Be conscious of your words. THINK! What have you just reinforced through the choice of using those words? Is that WHAT you really want in your world a so-so, or just surviving life? YES!… NO! Then take a responsible action by reinforcing through conscious communication the life you want to live. The next time “anyone”, […]

The Most Helpful Mindset To Have In Personal And Professional Development – Part I

We all have heard the phrase that we are our own worst enemy.  Truth is, we are our only antagonist to reaching our goals when  they don’t align with our internal beliefs.  So knowing this, what is the best mindset to have when reaching in and understanding how we may be getting in our own way? HUMAN POTENTIAL – TOOLS FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE STRENGTH, COURAGE and WISDOM are three fundamental keys that form the foundation in having a powerful mindset to grow your personal and professional life. First, I will address a rudiment, a core knowledge that lives in every human being and how this “core” either destructively or constructively effects your ability to grow strongly, personally and professionally through the strength, courage and wisdom that is necessary for personal and professional development. To discover this core and how it influences your choices, you must first look at reality. Reality, if looked at without interpretation, can keep you real and guide you to discover what is at the heart of your choices. WHAT IS AT THE CORE of the STRENGTH of your words, the COURAGE found in your passion/commitment and the WISDOM you can gain from looking honesty, without interpretation or mis-perception, at reality as the keeper of truth… LOVE and your perception of it. Human beings live by and through love alone. Love is an unadulterated power “within you” a God given gift that can propel your life personally and professionally through greater ease, grace and abundance. As a youth you formed your perception of what you “think” love is. This perception is […]