The Importance of Having a Strong Foundation

A strong foundation allows you to not only become aware of the subtleties in life that hold you back and keep you down, but it also allows you to be able to move beyond them to be able to live what you love.  With a strong foundation, you can bounce back quicker and not fall into those limiting beliefs and behaviors that will keep you from living the life you love.

Listen into this show which shows you how having the right tools can build you that foundation more quickly than ever before.

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You Are Responsible For Creating What You Truly Want

We have more influence over our lives than we give ourselves credit for.  What keeps us back and holds us down are the subtle beliefs and thoughts.  As the saying goes, “when you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves.”  Get out of the illusion that you give your power away to another.  It is all about how you use your power.

Listen in to this powerful episode to learn how to turn things around.

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The Subtleties and How They Hold Us Back And Keep Us Down

I have to catch up on posting the shows here.  I’ll do double time this week.  This show is about how the subtleties hold us back and keep us down.  It’s not about the big things that knock us on our butt.  It’s about the small things that are so subtle, that we have NO idea that the are even affecting us.  This is what makes the difference between creating and creating powerfully and quickly what it is that we want, or love in our lives.  It’s the subtle judgments that we have with ourselves that create a huge difference in what we create in our lives.  How do you know when you have a subtle judgment?  If there is any kind of resistance to looking and communicating the truth in any way, then you have a subtle judgment.  The truth WILL set you  free.  Free of loss, lack, illness and struggle.

Listen in for a powerful show.

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Teleseminar results

Wow,  That teleseminar on Tuesday was amazing!   Veronique answered 2 questions with the depth and insight that I hadn’t seen in a while.  I read the stuff all the time and I still learned something.  In fact, this went so well, that I want everyone who is on the list to hear the teleseminar.  Usually we sell these but this time, I am going to make it available for everyone on this website.

Before you listen to the call, I want you to suspend your knowledge.   If you hear something you may have heard before, don’t say “I know that” or “I do that”.  The power of this teleseminar is in the subtleties.  The subtleties that will be missed when you say “I know that”.  Open you mind and allow yourself to fully receive.

Listen in and enjoy this tele-class.

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