• How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

    How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

A magical life, will still have its Hills and Valleys. It just means that you’re able to see the magic in the Hills and Valleys.  You can also see the purpose in the Hills and Valleys and are able to embrace the joys of the Hills and Valleys.  When you’re in the magic, you’re able to go through them in an ease, grace and in an abundance in life.

How do you get to the State of Consciousness where you are living a magical life?  You get to that state of being by

1) allowing all things,
2) being in the joy,
3) having trust and faith,
4) and attaching yourself to nothing.

What do you need to do be able to do these 4 core things? You get there by being accountable and responsible unconditionally with self and others simultaneously. Unconditional means no judgment, blame, guilt or shame on self or others simultaneously in any and all situations.

How do you get to the state of consciousness where you are unconditional?  You get there by being aware of self… your emotions, thoughts, feelings, choices and actions.  How do you become aware? You become aware by looking at reality as the Keeper Of Truth without filters of misperceptions.

How do you become able to see reality without your own filters blocking the truth? You have to first quiet your mind. You quiet your mind from all of the things of what you think something is about, and you allow it to truly evolve to what it truly is.

You must come to the point of realizing the purpose of the experience, the purpose of what has come to your life and recognize that somewhere within what you ask God, the Universe for, it is unfolding in these experiences that are coming to you.

If […]

The Benefits of Having Commitment to Yourself

When you consistently live through the integrity of keeping to yourself, you are empowered through your gifts which enables you to live your birthrights just as consistently. You can have ‘exactly’ what you asked for, you just can not manipulate through any means from where, how or from whom you will receive what you need, want or desire. Only God knows the best means, way or with whom your life can best unfold so your heart and soul can empower you to use your God-given gifts. When you listen through an open heart and mind your intuition will guide you to right actions. Through right actions you will receive your birthrights which ultimately is for the highest good of all. What lessens or fades your ability to consistently use your gifts in order to fully live your birthrights is when you live through any level of anger /fear or upsets blatant or repressed (we will expand on this subject later in this material).  To regain the full use of these gifts you must start with trusting yourself. Even if you feel your trust and faith have been greatly diminished or lacking, realize there is some part of you that is already trusting in yourself because you were guided to this material. Somehow you knew there was ‘something’ within these pages that is especially here for you.

So just relax and enjoy the ride. The purpose of this material is to provide you step-by-step guidance in HOW to reclaim the full and absolute power within your God-given gifts. Before they can be fully restored and completely effective in supporting you in receiving your birthrights, which in turn will support you in reaching goals and aspirations […]

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Personal Development First Step – Be Clear on What You Want.

What Do You Want?

A good first question to ask yourself is what do you want? In my knowing, the reason you are here is because somehow, someway, you asked for what this course will provide you no matter how it came to you. Some part of you wanted to know how to be you and the love of you.  If you allow it to be so, you will need to answer the questions; “who am I”, “why am I here”, “how did my life get to where it is” and “what can I do to affect my personal and professional life through greater grace, ease, abundance, joy and freedom”?

The first question to realize is, did you know that you are the creator of what and how you experience life? Knowing this is huge because now you realize you are no longer a victim to your circumstances. As harsh as this may sound, no one is doing anything to you that on some level you did not influence through your beliefs.

You were given a free will to experience life as you choose. It is up to you to choose conditionally through fear or unconditionally through being love. Find something to assist you in becoming more and more aware of what motivates the choices made through both love and fear and HOW this happens. The second question is, who are you going to be? Will you Dishonor self by what ‘you think’ is required of you to look good in the eyes of others? A Dishonored Self who wakes up and continues exhaustion, dreading another day, denying the dance, and silencing the song of you? Or an Esteemed self who is the individual who cannot wait to […]

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Moment To Moment We Define Who We Are And How We Live Life

We build our life moment to moment and the building blocks we use either defines “our excellence” or “defeats us” through negative mental attitudes… same moment… different mindset.

You and only you have an option to build upon defining moments through empowering mindsets… or not.

Its all in the moment.

The defining moment of choice.

Negative or positive what will you choose.

Negative: from a mind that clouds and deceives you into denial, disagreement, or refusal to be optimistic thereby perceiving situations from a defeatist attitude that builds upon moments that create disastrous results.

Positive: unconditional accountability from a mind that supports you in staying focused on “what you love” creating flow and a level of abundance each step of the way.

It’s always your choice. It always within your power to choose to define who you are.

Defining moments of choosing positive over negative allows you to realize that you create your reality through the choices you make… in the moment… from whatever choice you have made… in that moment… you are enough and you have enough.

Realize moments change through choices… a “new moment” can redefine and build anew. Its up to you to choose… differently… if a different outcome is what you want.

Do you want ease, grace and abundance “to be the how” in which you build your life… or not? Your choice… and “only” your choice.

When we define EACH moment through unconditional accountability excellence ensues because when we choose to be unconditionally accountable for our choices… no judgement or blame… guilt or shame… just becoming aware by allowing what was, then choosing differently… this opens your intuition to automatically guide you to the most supportive and logical step to build the life of your dreams more easily, through grace […]

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A Healthy Ego Creates Happines And Success In Business And In Our Personal Lives

I realize that most define the ego as a part of the self to suppress or get rid of, to cringe or run from when it rises its ugly head. Yet, what allowed me to change a life of despairing circumstances was an unconventional wisdom that positively moved me forward personally and professionally. What was that insightful piece of wisdom that was different from the norm currently being taught? That I was not to be afraid of or suppress my ego instead I was to know that it was birthed… like a baby… innocent and pure. This “pure ego”, has a healthy and balanced view of itself. It is able to express its uniqueness, unselfishly through the unique gift of who we are and can, if allowed, build strongly by resisting to form defeating attitudes. People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear/anxieties, anger and complacency pervade. Motivation comes in many forms and goes by many names. Creating, maintaining and sustaining that inner drive to succeed personally and professionally comes from a healthy and well balanced ego.

By using the purity of your ego to empower you, it remains healthy and balanced. A healthy and balanced ego is your own Self Empowerment Expert. Success, either in business or life, is rooted from taking action without attempting to force or manipulate something into place. It is about taking risks, being bold, having vision, showing courage, taking responsibility, and making a commitment to excellence every day. It is also about stepping out of your comfort zone, facing your fears, and making short term sacrifices to achieve long term goals. This is a healthy ego. You also are able to make better choices that will […]

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The Most Helpful Mindset To Have In Personal And Professional Development – Part III

This is part 3 of this article on the kind of mindset you require to make the most in both your personal development

and professional development, it that is something you are interested in growing into.  This last piece of the article talks about courage and wisdom and how these two characteristics assist in getting faster growth with your professional and personal development path.

Read on for more:


COURAGE Found in Your Passion/Commitment: Courage is the inner passion, a drive to progress regardless of the perceived difficulty. Actions are “preceded” by the strength of your words. Words are “preceded’ by the courage found in your inner passion. All combined creates your experiences. For the purpose of this three part article we are going to discuss the Strength of your words, the Courage found in your passion and Wisdom found in reality as the keeper of truth… how this ties into you becoming aware of how your perception of love is at your core. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you MUST STEP FORWARD and meet the requirements of the time, of “your” current situation through competence. Competence describes MORE than just skills and knowledge. Competence represents anything that improves your ability to perform, including your knowledge, skills, relationships, resourcefulness, processes, systems and information. Building your competence boosts your confidence. Building competence requires courage…courage to face the reality through facts. Seek honest feedback based on reality as the keeper of truth. Then, be ready for what you might hear and be prepared to make changes that might feel uncomfortable, yet it […]

The Most Helpful Mindset To Have In Personal And Professional Development – Part II

This is part 2 of the article of what holds us back and keeps us down from experiencing powerful professional and personal development.  Read on for more about strengthening your words and how strong languaging affects your results and reality in part 2 of this series.


Although strength covers different attributes in human behavior the strength I am talking about is in the words you use to describe yourself, others, your reality as well as living up to your word. Having a clear focus to “speak” with strength so actions of strength can follow builds a freedom within you building upon an unshakable trust and faith which enables you to be all you can be. This is how it works.

First you must realize that deprived of any qualities is power that comes from force. Real power comes from congruent thoughts, words and actions that are backed up by the energy of positive, responsible and accountable choices.

Here is an example of what occurs when words lack strength. People give a polite word or sign of welcome or recognition to each other without a conscious thought that the energy behind the words they use reinforces “INTO LIFE” what comes out of their mouth. Think of the last time you heard someone (or even yourself) respond to a greeting of “How are you?” with “Just so-so,” or “I’m surviving”. Be conscious of your words. THINK! What have you just reinforced through the choice of using those words? Is that WHAT you really want in your world a so-so, or just surviving life? YES!… NO! Then take a responsible action by reinforcing through conscious communication the life you want to live. The next time “anyone”, […]

The Most Helpful Mindset To Have In Personal And Professional Development – Part I

We all have heard the phrase that we are our own worst enemy.  Truth is, we are our only antagonist to reaching our goals when  they don’t align

with our internal beliefs.  So knowing this, what is the best mindset to have when reaching in and understanding how we may be getting in our own way?


STRENGTH, COURAGE and WISDOM are three fundamental keys that form the foundation in having a powerful mindset to grow your personal and professional life. First, I will address a rudiment, a core knowledge that lives in every human being and how this “core” either destructively or constructively effects your ability to grow strongly, personally and professionally through the strength, courage and wisdom that is necessary for personal and professional development. To discover this core and how it influences your choices, you must first look at reality. Reality, if looked at without interpretation, can keep you real and guide you to discover what is at the heart of your choices.

WHAT IS AT THE CORE of the STRENGTH of your words, the COURAGE found in your passion/commitment and the WISDOM you can gain from looking honesty, without interpretation or mis-perception, at reality as the keeper of truth… LOVE and your perception of it.

Human beings live by and through love alone. Love is an unadulterated power “within you” a God given gift that can propel your life personally and professionally through greater ease, grace and abundance. As a youth you formed your perception of what you “think” love is. This perception is […]

Top Barriers To Personal Development And Professional Growth

This article gives a very different spin on personal development and the barriers that we all face within ourselves.  This goes beyond your usual “belief systems”, which can seem kind of daunting, and focuses on things that are within our grasp.  Read on for more about what I am talking about.

The biggest barrier to Personal Growth and Professional Development is ONE answer… THINKING that ONE person, ONE thought, ONE word, ONE action can’t make a difference.

ONE “can and will” make a difference through a simple rule… living through grace… through God, by being accountable and responsible in your free will choice to empower your life through positive/supportive thoughts, words and actions. Being congruent in your thoughts, words and actions is a “way to be” that transmits support to your subconscious mind that enables you to receive your goals through specified actions that produce various degrees of success that builds upon itself from “you” simply doing onto others as you would have them do unto you… without taking on another’s responsibility. This ONE action teaches your subconscious mind how to have the trust and faith that ONE person, ONE thought, ONE word, ONE action can make a difference! How do you do access and connect to your trust and faith so you know that ONE can make a difference?

1) Be accountable and responsible for the change you want to experience.

Being accountable through sincere exchanges allows the power of “ONE” to unfold through a sequence of events which begin forming and building upon themselves. It doesn’t matter how you choose to make a difference. This choice, no matter how large or small, gradually reinforces your subconscious mind to allow what you want to unfold to come […]

Personal Responsibility in the Macro Society at Large

I slowly see the spirit of this country being eroded. And that spirit is having the ability to have choices and having the freedom to be responsible for ones choices. The erosion I am talking about falls under allowing our government to take on responsibilities that rightfully belong to the people and the people alone. This information is important because it reveals how this dangerous erosion has already begun due to the Barak Obama Administration. I trust you will empower yourself, family and friends by choosing to pass this information on so they can be well informed and have an opportunity to discover for themselves the condition of our current government, and how our nation has de-evolved since our current president took office.
A REALLY BIG HEADS UP ON AN IMPORTANT ISSUE THAT THREATENS OUR LIFE – LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, OBAMACARE:  It’s amazing what’s in Obamacare.  I was shocked at the many hidden “taxes” and non-health related items that encompass Obama’s “not so healthy for our nation and its people” plan hidden within this health care plan.  So much is concealed and kept in confusion by using words to prevent anyone from fully understanding the truth.  THE REAL PLAN is cleverly kept out of sight by shrouding “the plan” in the lack of understanding through a disorderly jumble of non-health related items into a health plan that creates ones mind to remain unclear on the REAL PLAN within Obamacare… which is why it “MUST be repealed”.
Under the new health care bill a new 3.8% real estate transaction tax will be enacted in 2013. If you own a home, and are in what is considered a “high income” bracket, this is vital to know.  […]

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