• How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

    How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

A magical life, will still have its Hills and Valleys. It just means that you’re able to see the magic in the Hills and Valleys.  You can also see the purpose in the Hills and Valleys and are able to embrace the joys of the Hills and Valleys.  When you’re in the magic, you’re able to go through them in an ease, grace and in an abundance in life.

How do you get to the State of Consciousness where you are living a magical life?  You get to that state of being by

1) allowing all things,
2) being in the joy,
3) having trust and faith,
4) and attaching yourself to nothing.

What do you need to do be able to do these 4 core things? You get there by being accountable and responsible unconditionally with self and others simultaneously. Unconditional means no judgment, blame, guilt or shame on self or others simultaneously in any and all situations.

How do you get to the state of consciousness where you are unconditional?  You get there by being aware of self… your emotions, thoughts, feelings, choices and actions.  How do you become aware? You become aware by looking at reality as the Keeper Of Truth without filters of misperceptions.

How do you become able to see reality without your own filters blocking the truth? You have to first quiet your mind. You quiet your mind from all of the things of what you think something is about, and you allow it to truly evolve to what it truly is.

You must come to the point of realizing the purpose of the experience, the purpose of what has come to your life and recognize that somewhere within what you ask God, the Universe for, it is unfolding in these experiences that are coming to you.

If […]

  • The Life You Would Love To Live Is Just a Thought Away The Life You Would Love To Live Is Just a Thought Away

    The Life You Would Love To Live Is Just a Thought Away

The Life You Would Love To Live Is Just a Thought Away

What Kind Of Reality Do You Truly WANT To Experience?

I was recently in a conversation with several people who had their own ideas of how the world should be (don’t we all have our own opinions on that topic?)  The thing that struck me was no matter how opposite the ideas were, everyone focused on what upset them the most instead of what they wanted.  I communicated with there was a way to approach having what you wanted with much less struggle.  This is what the basis of this article is about and I will describe it from the point of view of energy, as we are energetic beings and are affected by energy.

1)  There are only 2 states of being in which we can exist Love or Anger

Most of us see Love or Anger as an emotion, however it is really a state of being.  These states of being produce numerous thoughts, which create the emotions within us, which affect how we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us.  For instance, those that are in the state of being of Love, feel emotions of feeling joy, happiness, contentment, confidence, well-being, empathy, altruism, selflessness, gratitude & optimism among others.  Those that are in the state of being of Anger feel emotions of rage, frustration, jealousy, helplessness, fear, depression, hate, selfishness, judgement, shame, guilt, blame & vengeance among others.

Why is it important to not only understand this, but to know where you are throughout the day?  Because how you choose to exist (Love or Anger) will determine what you are thinking and ultimately projecting out into he world around you and how others & situations respond to you.  Science has been able […]

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The 5 Commandments Of A Success Consciousness:

As a service provider, not only is it important to develop and maintain a success consciousness for yourself to keep your business profitable and growing, it is also important to have that consciousness for your customers and clients.  Whether you realize it or not, your degree of consciousness is on display to your customers by how you interact with them, and by the experiences they have in your store.  The condition of your store, the quality of your business and the feeling people have when interacting with you, or your business is a direct reflection of your level of consciousness.

Why is this important to be aware of your level of consciousness?  Because service providers are considered the leaders, or experts in their field and need to have a good handle on their own inner growth, and awareness.  Your customers come to you for more information and guidance to become more successful themselves, and if your business is disorganized, if you have trouble making your rent, or your personal life is in chaos, then how can you be the shining beacon of light for your customers?  Even if they may not be conscious and aware of this, we are all one, and on some level, they DO know.  Why should they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on inner growth material with someone who is struggling just as much as they are?

The good news is that it isn’t as difficult, or doesn’t take as long to turn things around.  If you are aware of the 5 commandments of success consciousness, you can apply them not only to your business, but to your personal life as well.  Using these concepts consistently and in a grounded way, […]

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Personal Development Tip – The Benefits Of Being Unconditional

In this guest spot, Veronique talks about how being unconditional can allow you to really handle situations as they really are and handle people as they really are without having to become a doormat.  Listen in to the few examples that are provided and how to become this unconditional state.

Get more on Veronique/Veronique Inc. Personal Development Tools

The Choice Is Mine Experience and Lifestyle

What allows someone to move from living a life of fear, lack, struggle and illness into living a life of grace, ease, abundance and love?  It is allowing yourself to live through love and love alone.  This all sounds great and wonderful, but what does that really mean?  Listen in to this episode and you can discover some very powerful tools that will actually give meaning and also a step by step HOW TO do this for yourself.

Incoming search terms:

The Power Of Your Gift When You Use It Through Love

The monthly teleseminar on The Choice Is Mine that was held last night was very insightful and inspiring.  The topic was about how simple it is to change your life experiences simply by using your gift (the thing you came here to share with the world) through love instead of fear.   When you use your gift through love, your frustrations disappear and you will be able to play in life.  you ust be unconditionally responsible to use your love through the gift of you, and your willingness to think differently will change how you think, believe, and feel.  How do you do this?

When you become unconditionally aware of your subconscious, you will then have the ability to consciously choose to do things differently.  IT requires consistent action to permanently make the changes that will support you living a life without struggle.  Using tools that will keep you out of the illusion that you are moving forward will greatly save time.  Some of these tools include:

  • Not judging yourself so you receive powerfully
  • releasing feelings of being wounded
  • uncovering hidden agendas
  • realizing and acting upon the truth that the power of moving forward quickly is in the subtleties

One of the more powerful concepts covered was that it is not about learning anything new.  It is about remembering what you already know and have inside of you.

That was the basic recap.  To know more about The Choice Is Mine, sign up for their teleseminars

To get the course for yourself, go to The Choice Is Mine personal development course

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Beginning At Our Core

The next episode of The Choice Is Mine radio show talks about beginning at our core. This is where the personal journey begins. We cannot have an outside fix to an inside problem. It’s about finding the love that we have within ourselves and reconnecting ourselves with that love. You will also learn how our perception of love keeps us from that.

Self Esteem vs. The Esteemed Self

If we to choose to separate and divide ourselves and our consciousness with such words as ‘high self esteem’ and ‘low self esteem’ and we continue to choose to layer ourselves with these types of words in an effort to identify ourselves to seek, to find or discover worth outside of ourselves, then this is only going to continue the separation of self with confusion.  And in confusion it’s hard to remember that your worth comes from unconditionally and responsibly being yourself.  Listen to the podcast for more on how using the very terms themselves self esteem vs the esteemed self, can have an impact on how we live our lives.

Teleseminar on Self Esteem and the Esteemed Self

Wow!  That was a powerful teleseminar we had on Tuesday the 9th, and those of you who weren’t able to make it, we did record it.

To briefly recap, we discussed the answers to some of the questions that were presented and we also discussed the meaning of the esteemed self and self esteem.

Some of the really key points that get you to pause in your thinking are the relationship between truth and resistance.  If we are experiencing an event in our lives where we are reacting or making excuses, and not standing in the unconditional responsibility of the experience, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to receive some insight which will helps us discover the truth.  The truth is what is motivating us to do the things we do.  As long as we are not conscious of our motivations, we cannot do things differently if we are not happy with our current situation.

We also discussed the answer to a question someone had about money and if they had money could they not be spiritual.  It’s not having the money that  makes you not spiritual, it’s the idolization of money that gets in your way.  You may need a large amount of money in your life to be able to serve those around you in the best way that you know how.  You are always supported in your highest priority.

We also discussed the term ‘self esteem’ and how that sets up a conflict in our subconscious mind because of the duality of definitions these two words create together in this way.  As we use these words in our communication with ourselves and others, it affects how we create our reality.  We did a cool excercise […]

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Perception of Love verses True Love

If my core is love, “Where,” I asked “could any cycle of conditional
fear-based reactions to life experiences possibly be coming

This question evolved into this empowering awareness.
Anger/fear/upsets births when you think you are NOT able to
give or receive according to your personal conditional perception
and subconscious understanding of what you think is love.
Upset of any kind can not be created in love. Love just is and
has no conditions around its existence. Upsets occurs because
every human being lives by and through love alone, therefore if
our conditional perception of love is being threatened, anger/
fear/upsets go off like warning bells and red flags because you
think you have to fight to the end to hang on to what you think
is love.

Understanding how you formed this inner and outer conditional
perception of love—opens you to revealing your subconscious
beliefs that hold you back from receiving sooner rather than later.
These are the beliefs which create conditionally or
unconditionally your life experiences. Conditionally you receive
loss, lack, upset, struggle and illness. Unconditionally your
receive grace, ease and abundance. It simply is what it is.
determinations of needing, or wanting to define love and place
it tightly and ever so neatly in a controlled thinking box ends up
in various degrees of being conditional. Over time, you will
become more mindful in how your perception of love guides
each choice you make.

Have fun and laugh at what you will discover.

Upset only keeps conditions in place. The truth of love is simple.

Love is not definable. It is way beyond definition. Thank God for
that because without definition, love is allowed to remain whole,
never ‘fragmented’ in a BILLION pieces of what is expected.
Indefinable, it is allowed to simply be love. Its guiding light
allows you to remember your individual uniqueness, your […]