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A Healthy Ego Creates Happines And Success In Business And In Our Personal Lives

I realize that most define the ego as a part of the self to suppress or get rid of, to cringe or run from when it rises its ugly head. Yet, what allowed me to change a life of despairing circumstances was an unconventional wisdom that positively moved me forward personally and professionally. What was that insightful piece of wisdom that was different from the norm currently being taught? That I was not to be afraid of or suppress my ego instead I was to know that it was birthed… like a baby… innocent and pure. This “pure ego”, has a healthy and balanced view of itself. It is able to express its uniqueness, unselfishly through the unique gift of who we are and can, if allowed, build strongly by resisting to form defeating attitudes. People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear/anxieties, anger and complacency pervade. Motivation comes in many forms and goes by many names. Creating, maintaining and sustaining that inner drive to succeed personally and professionally comes from a healthy and well balanced ego.

By using the purity of your ego to empower you, it remains healthy and balanced. A healthy and balanced ego is your own Self Empowerment Expert. Success, either in business or life, is rooted from taking action without attempting to force or manipulate something into place. It is about taking risks, being bold, having vision, showing courage, taking responsibility, and making a commitment to excellence every day. It is also about stepping out of your comfort zone, facing your fears, and making short term sacrifices to achieve long term goals. This is a healthy ego. You also are able to make better choices that will […]

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New Radio Show to Empower Those To Thrive in a Sluggish Economy

    Orlando, FL — Fact: Billionaire US investor Warren Buffett said that the American economy was already in a recession. This places special meaning and importance to anyone who is affected by the economy.  Let’s face it, in today’s economic environment, the standard means of keeping our head above the water just won’t cut it if we want to do more than barely survive.  We need something new and something different.

Veronique, founder and CEO of Veronique Inc and Enlightened Heart Foundation is providing just this.  Veronique now has a radio show airing on WWNN that deals with teaching individuals, organizations, and schools how to weather the current conditions and come out on top, as well as gives them the inspiration to know they have the choice and the power to rise above their status quo.

    “…I have spent over 20 year in the personal growth industry and I have even taught classes myself on personal growth and development. When I first heard about Veronique’s course, I thought ‘What could I possibly learn from this class?’ Did I ever get the answer after the class was over. In a matter of weeks, I discovered what it was that was holding me back and keeping be down. I am now a successful published author and I can say it was all because of the powerful perception of love I learned in her beta class which allowed me to choose differently .”
– Debra Gano – Author of Beauty’s Secret

On Thursday, March 17, the radio show made its debut, on WWNN live from 3:00 to 3:30pm, and will also be available via podcast at as well as via webcast at

Her show will also air again on […]

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The Ego – How Viewing It Differently Can Change Your Life

This radio show focuses on real life experiences of what happens when people choose to accept the Ego as a part of them and how viewing the ego differently can affect their life. A small change in perception can have a huge change in lifestyle. Listen on for more..