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I’m Back to posting again – Boy Do I have a new Perspective!

Well, I’m back!

It’s been a while, but I have even more of a new perspective.  The one thing that I have really come to know is that no matter how much you think you know, there is always A LOT more that you don’t know.  And what I have come to know is that understanding, and KNOWING are really 2 different things.  You can understand something, but if you don’t do it, or aren’t living it, then you don’t really KNOW it then do you?

I hear so many times, people say “I already know that”.  So then I wonder “Then why aren’t you DOING it?”  If you hear yourself say that and you aren’t doing it. you u thank the messenger that shared  that piece of information with you again, as a part of you want’s to know, because you have heard it, but your ego part of you is pushing it away because it doesn’t want to deal with it.

The solution?  Don’t judge the messenger, and don’t judge yourself that you aren’t doing it, or a part of you is resisting it.  The more you let go of your judgments, the more your resistance falls away.

In any case, I’ll be speaking more about my adventures with The Choice Is Mine.  I also picked up something called “Your Wish Is Your Command” as well and have been listening to them as well.  Fascinating stuff.  I think the combo of them both is unstoppable.

Well, that’s it for now!

To Your Success!

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The Living Matrix Added to Denver Area’s 2009 ISSSEEM Conference

Film Reveals Scientific Evidence that Validates Bioenergetic Medicine,
Challenges Exclusive Role of Genetics in Human Biology

Westminster, CO, May 2009 – Alternative health care communities in the surrounding Denver areas will have an exclusive opportunity to view a new documentary that questions the singular role of genetics in human biology and asserts energy and information are the controlling factors of health. The Living Matrix has sold out at all of its preliminary screenings, resulting in a heavy demand for DVD copies, according to first-time filmmakers who made special arrangements for the Colorado premiere after planners of Westminster’s ISSSEEM conference opened a slot on their program to highlight the film.
Open to the public as part of the post-conference program June 29, The Living Matrix will follow a one-hour discussion on the language of healing led by Dr. John Veltheim, founder of The BodyTalk System. The BodyTalk system is based on the quantum paradigm that everything is energy, which is consciousness. A short film on The Global Coherence Initiative will precede the screening, and a Q-and-A session with scientists interviewed in the film, Dr. Rollin McCraty of The Global Coherence Initiative and Dr. James Oschman, biologist and author, will follow. Conference planners expecting another sell-out crowd recommend advanced reservations for the event at or by calling 415-454-9134, ext. 205.
“The Denver-Boulder area is one of the most active alternative health care communities in North America,” said The Living Matrix director Greg Becker, and we expect a discerning but enthusiastic reception that will help bolster our film’s message of hope and healing. We want The Living Matrix to inspire a movement that will take the science of bioenergetic medicine into the mainstream conversation about how to get well and […]

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Welcome Back Podcast

We have take a break for a bit on the radio podcasts, but we are back and stronger than ever!  Listen in to this inspiring podcast and receive some inspiring insights.  Your personal and professional transformational training is on its way!

The Choice Is Mine Experience and Lifestyle

What allows someone to move from living a life of fear, lack, struggle and illness into living a life of grace, ease, abundance and love?  It is allowing yourself to live through love and love alone.  This all sounds great and wonderful, but what does that really mean?  Listen in to this episode and you can discover some very powerful tools that will actually give meaning and also a step by step HOW TO do this for yourself.

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A Happy Holiday Broadcast The End of 2008 and the Beginning of 2009

Intending 2009 to be the best year ever! 

With the Holiday Season here and 2009 moments away, we are spending a lot of time with our relatives.  We have the ultimate ability to influence how our experience will be.  One way to do this is to assume the very best intentions with any interaction you have with anyone.  Remember, you are setting the energy for any interaction that you want to be true.  Assume and really stand in the knowing that you can create the very best intentions of any upcoming interaction.  Really bring forward within yourself the excellence of inspiring yourself of what you love to live vs. what you are currently living right now.

Listen in for more inspiring and powerful tips.

Remember, it is great to get AHA’s, but if you are truly committed to making a difference in your life, the only way you can do that is to take action. I can’t recommend enough how easy it is to do that through the tools found in THE CHOICE IS MINE.

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The Choice Is Mine Course The Ultimate BREAKTHROUGH Beta Study Enrichment Program

There is some great, great news.  There is a unique one of a kind beta study training that is being offered.  First, let me tell you about the training.  There is only enough room for 60 people to participate in this revolutionary training that will absolutely turn the personal growth industry on it’s head.  This specialized training, developed by Veronique, will absolutely do to personal growth, what the Internet has done to the way we communicate.  It is also like the Internet was in the early days.  You had to experience the Internet to truly understand what it could do…. and even then, you didn’t understand it all.  You just knew it worked, and you used it.

The Choice Is Mine is a personal transformation system that works the same way.  It just works when you use it.  You don’t have to understand it, or learn anything complicated, or even look at yourself as having done anything ‘wrong’.  All you have to do is read, that’s it, and you will move faster in your growth than you could have ever imagined.

Starting on Jan 12th, there will be a 4 month training class that will be given to those who have purchased The Choice Is Mine for only $65.  That is $2240 worth of training for only $65!  This class will allow you to move even faster than just using the course because you will be working directly with Veronique.  If you want to take the class, all you have to do in order to be eligible is to purchase a course for yourself, which you can do when you purchase the training.

These spots will go fast because if you are looking for something to keep […]

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This summer I read the personal development course The Choice Is Mine

I ran across this posting that I hadn’t posted yet.  So I thought I would post it!

One of the most powerful things about this course is that if focuses on the subtleties on how to create the life you love.  This course is so effective, that I have seen everyone who goes through this course receive their highest priority.  It has allowed me to get my life back and to be able to be who I really am, and not who I thought I was supposed to be because others thought I should be that.  What I love the most is the understandings it has given me about myself and how I create my life.  This course taught me how to create my life through the love that already exists within me, so I can live what I love.  All there is, is love, and everything else is really the illusion we choose to carry along like old broken luggage.
I feel as if this is the next generation of personal development because of how effective it is.  In fact, the author is in India right now because she was asked to share The Choice Is Mine with the Dalai Lama in a private audience.
After reading this course, I have come to the understanding that:
1) We are supposed to have an ego
2) We already have everything we need to know and there is nothing to learn, only to remember
3) There is no such thing as self-sabotage because we are always supporting our highest priority
4) There is nothing to fix, we are already in our perfection in each and every moment
5)  Being unconditionally responsible for who we are.

These are just a few of the things.  I […]

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The Power Of Your Gift When You Use It Through Love

The monthly teleseminar on The Choice Is Mine that was held last night was very insightful and inspiring.  The topic was about how simple it is to change your life experiences simply by using your gift (the thing you came here to share with the world) through love instead of fear.   When you use your gift through love, your frustrations disappear and you will be able to play in life.  you ust be unconditionally responsible to use your love through the gift of you, and your willingness to think differently will change how you think, believe, and feel.  How do you do this?

When you become unconditionally aware of your subconscious, you will then have the ability to consciously choose to do things differently.  IT requires consistent action to permanently make the changes that will support you living a life without struggle.  Using tools that will keep you out of the illusion that you are moving forward will greatly save time.  Some of these tools include:

  • Not judging yourself so you receive powerfully
  • releasing feelings of being wounded
  • uncovering hidden agendas
  • realizing and acting upon the truth that the power of moving forward quickly is in the subtleties

One of the more powerful concepts covered was that it is not about learning anything new.  It is about remembering what you already know and have inside of you.

That was the basic recap.  To know more about The Choice Is Mine, sign up for their teleseminars

To get the course for yourself, go to The Choice Is Mine personal development course

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The Subtleties of Our Intuiton

I attended a teleseminar the other day, and it was basically about the intuition and how it is really the guidance system we should be paying attention to, and not our mind.  The subtle understanding of the intuition is that it is completely unconditional.  As a result, following our intuition will never lead us to experience loss, lack or illness because when we make decisions and live from an unconditional mindset, or beingness, we are not pushing away abundance by living through fear.   The simple physics of it is that no two things can occupy the same place at the same time, so we are either being unconditional in the moment or conditional in the moment.

One of the things that was mentioned on the teleseminar is that sometimes people feel that they have followed their intuition and it got them into trouble.  The presenter explained that if whatever feeling you followed, you ended up with some sort of loss or struggle, then it wasn’t your intuition, but some conditional based feeling that you were following.  The intuition doesn’t come from an emotional place, so if you are experiencing any kind of emotional jolt with whatever feeling comes up, then you can pretty much bet that it isn’t your intuition.  That is a pretty powerful subtlety that makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to knowing when it is your intuition and when it isn’t.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  To go much deeper, it is explained much better in TCIM.

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Personal Growth and Life Lessons

Our own personal growth process is really a case of remembering what we have forgotten.  We have convinced ourselves that this process is really about learning from experiences we have in our lives, that we call  ‘life lessons’.  These ‘life lessons’ are really experiences that help us to remember what we already ‘know’.  The more we allow ourselves to remember what we already know, the less we will have the need to create these ‘life lessons’.   Listen to this radio show that goes into much more detail.