This is my journal on my experiences into living a life where I am chosing Love over choosing Anger/Fear.  For all of my life I have chosen anger/fear to respond through.  One thing I have learned in my journeys and experiences is that anger is the source of fear.  There are many different forms of anger and the one that I was really into was vengence and revenge.  It took the most subtlest of forms yet it created the most major of obstacles.

As I discuss my journey on this blog, I will share everything I have experienced and maybe it can support someone else in seeing what they are doing that is holding themselves back and keeping themselves down from truly living the life they want to live.

My journey began almost 20 years ago, however, it wasn’t until about 8 years ago that I began to truly see the importance of the subtleties.  That was because of working with a Godsend of a person and using the material The Choice Is Mine.  Until then, I was only able to make surface changes and was not able to truly get to the core of what was holding me back because I didn’t know how to until I was introduced to this material.

The only reason why it took 8 years was because of me, and my stubbornness of wanting to do it my way, no matter the fact that I was given the tools for the formula for success.  I was so deep into the lifelong patterns of revenge and vengeance, that I was not able to let go of doing it my way for the longest of times.  Sure I had put myself in the illusion that I was using the tools for the formula for success, however since reality is the keeper of truth and it didn’t change, I was not truly using the tools.  Then, I would get angry at my mentor and the material because I wasn’t getting what I wanted.  Crazy isn’t it?  My identity was so strongly attached to me being right that it was more important than having the life I said I wanted to live.  In a nutshell, I was more committed to being right, than to having what I said I wanted.  That is the bottom line of it.  It’s not to make it right or wrong, it’s just to acknowledge the truth, because the truth will set you free.

So since this is my first post and it is kind of all over the place because I am just writing my thoughts down, I will follow up with some things that I did do that allowed me to make very powerful use of the material, and many many things that I didn’t do that held me back from being very successful with it.  Again I hope it helps you in your own journeys.