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    My First Experience With Energy Genesis My First Experience With Energy Genesis

    My First Experience With Energy Genesis

My First Experience With Energy Genesis

I have done Life Vessel before many years ago and last week,  I had my first session with Energy Genesis.  What is Energy Genesis?  Well it is a new technology that uses light and sound vibration to support your cells back into their unadulterated state of being (kind of like the technology used by Life Vessel, only differently and not really the same technology).  It is kind of interesting because I was going to say that it supports your cells back into they way they were when you were first born, however, now that I think about it, even in the womb, we are subjected to all kinds of environmental, chemical, and vibrational toxins, do we ever experience an unadulterated state of being?

Well, at any rate, as I said, last week I got a session and right after the session, I was feeling really, really good.  Like I had some laughing gas or something.  That state of extreme well being lasted for several hours.  For the rest of the day, I was quite creative and thinking of solutions to situations that had never come to me before.  The next day I noticed that I was experiencing some interesting detox symptoms which included everything from a thick sinus discharge (Yummy, Yum, Yum!!!), to runny nose (different from the more obnoxious sinus discharge), to sneezing and other types of detox symptoms.  I won’t go too graphic on you because this is a family show and you also might be doing the “reading the Internet and eating multi-tasking thing.”

At any rate, one of the things I have to do after this session is to really drink a lot of water for a week afterward to assist the detoxing process.  Although […]

2009 ISSSEEM Conference to have Deepak Chopra Discuss Bridging Science and Spirit

DENVER, CO, June 12th, 2009–ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine) announces that it is taking sign-ups for this year’s annual subtle energies and healing conference. ISSSEEM’s 19th annual conference will be held from June 26th through July 1st and is called “Sacred Synthesis: Science with Heart”.

The Denver conference (actually not far away in Westminster, CO) will feature 20 elective choices from leaders in the field of the science of subtle energies. There will also be an entire day of pioneering scientific research; professional panel discussions; educational workshops including Healing Touch® training; and cultural stimulation that includes delicious food and wine along with passionate musical performances. Some of the workshops in this conference can count toward continuing education requirements as well. This will be a powerful healing conference, and all scientifically-minded but spiritually-centered health practitioners are invited to attend.

The heart, the first organ of the human body to form, is the supreme theme of this year’s conference. The heart is our coordinating clock that defines the length of our lives and gives us our sense of time. Its subtle energies are the source of our biological magnetism and the healing energies that sustain the body. The heart is the bridge between the soul and the mind. Indeed, modern health science has known for some time that the heart and the brain “talk to” each other–and recently, it has learned that it is the heart, not the brain, that does the majority of the “talking”. The human heart vibrates physically as its expression of spiritual reverberations. Sound vibrations resonate in the heart, engendering sensations, emotions, and visions, while different frequencies and harmonic patterns activate the chakras and nervous system in […]

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19th Annual ISSSEEM Conference to have Richard Bartlett to Discuss the Physics of Miracles: Connecting to the Quantum Field

For Immediate Release

19th Annual ISSSEEM Conference to have Richard Bartlett to Discuss the Physics of Miracles: Connecting to the Quantum Field

ISSSEEM or the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine will hold their 19th annual conference June 26th through July 1st at the Westin in Westminster, Colorado.

June 10, 2009 – Westminster, Colorado – Health professionals will be interested in attending the 19th annual ISSSEEM Conference that will begin with a research day. The presentation will be the recent research projects that have been in the works and a lecture by William Tiller on Why CAM and Energy Medicine Have a Very Different Science Foundation than Orthodox Medicine.

Based on the belief that the heart is in control of all aspects of our being from healing to emotional and spiritual processes, the six day conference will feature 20 elective choices from experts in the field of healing medicines. ISSSEEM is an organization involving the study of therapeutic and medical uses of subtle energies as well as the study of basic sciences.

Founded in 1989, the society is a non-profit based in Arvada, Colorado with 1450 members. Using education, training and research one of the purposes of ISSSEEM is to attempt to educate the public on the benefits of subtle energy to improve health. Through the membership services, ISSSEEM hopes to benefit health professionals by providing the opportunities for exchange of information as well as networking.

Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. will be a featured speaker on June 28th at 10:00 a.m. He and his staff will deliver a powerful introduction to the physics of miracles. Matrix Energetics will be the focus – exploring the transformation and healing that is based on […]

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