I realize that most define the ego as a part of the self to suppress or get rid of, to cringe or run from when it rises its ugly head. Yet, what allowed me to change a life of despairing circumstances was an unconventional wisdom that positively moved me forward personally and professionally. What was that insightful piece of wisdom that was different from the norm currently being taught? That I was not to be afraid of or suppress my ego instead I was to know that it was birthed… like a baby… innocent and pure. This “pure ego”, has a healthy and balanced view of itself. It is able to express its uniqueness, unselfishly through the unique gift of who we are and can, if allowed, build strongly by resisting to form defeating attitudes. People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear/anxieties, anger and complacency pervade. Motivation comes in many forms and goes by many names. Creating, maintaining and sustaining that inner drive to succeed personally and professionally comes from a healthy and well balanced ego.

By using the purity of your ego to empower you, it remains healthy and balanced. A healthy and balanced ego is your own Self Empowerment Expert. Success, either in business or life, is rooted from taking action without attempting to force or manipulate something into place. It is about taking risks, being bold, having vision, showing courage, taking responsibility, and making a commitment to excellence every day. It is also about stepping out of your comfort zone, facing your fears, and making short term sacrifices to achieve long term goals. This is a healthy ego. You also are able to make better choices that will guide and support you in different directions of building skill sets that move you beyond limitations of traditional “best practices” and you are able to set breakthrough objectives where you will achieve maximum success in all your endeavors.

By living your potential through a healthy ego expressed unselfishly, you are in full flow of being supported in a gradual manner throughout life challenges as you become increasingly self-sufficient. The healthy ego encourages you to push beyond self-imposed limitations, be more personally accountable for your actions, and embrace effective teamwork by valuing contributions of others. Misperceptions, judgment, blame, guilt or shame are what distort the ego from its innocent and pure state into an ego that becomes “altered” negatively through suppressed and unresolved anger. Placing a root of anger, fear (false evidence appearing real), or unfounded anxieties that branch limb after limb of negative based beliefs into negative reactions coupled with excuses that lack accountability, will, without exception, effect your life situations with detrimental effects.

By nurturing a healthy, balanced ego, you are not giving up any part of yourself. You are only readjusting the part that creates the frustrations, upsets and losses both personally and professionally.

If fear in any form is present, your altered-ego is guiding the situation. Ask yourself, if you were operating from the innocence and purity of your ego, what would you do? Begin there.

“Living “you” through a healthy and balanced ego births unlimited joy, health, flow, prosperity, and freedom. Your life is happy, and creates through an ease, grace and abundance that is your birth right.” – Veronique

It’s always good to reread so your mind can fully absorb the empowering suggestions to be successful.

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