• The First Step in Changing Anything is Commitment The First Step in Changing Anything is Commitment

    The First Step in Changing Anything is Commitment

The First Step in Changing Anything is Commitment

OK, so how many personal, or business development weekends or seminars have we attended only to have absolutely nothing change in our lives, whereas others who have attended the exact same class was able to create major life changes for themselves?  I’m raising my hand here.  I have attended many of these things only to experience minor/if any changes in my life where others were able to create quite an improvement in their lives.

In fact one seminar I attended dealing with some aspect of real estate, was quite pricey and I had vowed to myself I would at least make my money back in this seminar.  Not only did this not happen, but one of the instructors who became an instructor after only 2 years after taking the same course, eventually left the realestate business when the market dictated it, and moved into my field only to soar past me after only being in my field for 1 year.

That is a pretty humbling experience, yet one that can also be a very good visual of what it is that he was doing and I wasn’t.  I would say it wasn’t skill or intelligence.  I would say it was commitment.  He was more committed to being successful and I was more committed to staying in my comfort zone and being arrogant enough to convince myself that it was enough to achieve the results I wanted to have.

The important thing is that in each and every moment we are committed to something.  If what we are committed to isn’t creating the results we want, then it is insanity to stay committed to that.  In the moment we realize that what we have committed to isn’t giving us what we […]

  • Being Arrogant Really Comes from Fear Being Arrogant Really Comes from Fear

    Being Arrogant Really Comes from Fear

Being Arrogant Really Comes from Fear

From definition of being arrogant in the British Dictionary:

1. having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance,merit, ability, etc;
2. conceited;
3. overbearingly proud.

So let’s look at these terms.  I bring them up because during my journey and growth, I have had to deal with my own high level of arrogance, which has really gotten in the way of me reconnecting with the true Love of who I am.  Why is this? Based on the concept that no 2 things can occupy the same space at the same time, in each and every moment, you are either being Love or Anger/Fear.   Love creates abundance and Fear creates loss/lack and illness.

So that being said, when I am being arrogant, I am truly being in anger/fear because of the following:

1) In having an exaggerated opinion of my own importance, I am not being in the love of all things.  I am in separation instead of oneness.  In oneness, which can only be entered when one is being Love, everyone is important and everyone has the same level of importance…. no one is more important than the other.  Oneness sees there is a different role that everyone plays, however each role has its purpose.  Oneness doesn’t place its own role as being any more special because to do so would be to also dishonor a part of itself as well…. and Oneness honors all (form or on this topic see the self improvement material at

So I believe, arrogance is the other side of the coin of having a low esteem of self.  Arrogance is a means of covering up any misguided perceptions of one’s own worth, for whatever reason.  Sometimes, it can be from someone not feeling deserving of love, they believe they are less than […]

  • My Journey Into Living My Love My Journey Into Living My Love

    My Journey Into Living My Love

My Journey Into Living My Love

This is my journal on my experiences into living a life where I am chosing Love over choosing Anger/Fear.  For all of my life I have chosen anger/fear to respond through.  One thing I have learned in my journeys and experiences is that anger is the source of fear.  There are many different forms of anger and the one that I was really into was vengence and revenge.  It took the most subtlest of forms yet it created the most major of obstacles.

As I discuss my journey on this blog, I will share everything I have experienced and maybe it can support someone else in seeing what they are doing that is holding themselves back and keeping themselves down from truly living the life they want to live.

My journey began almost 20 years ago, however, it wasn’t until about 8 years ago that I began to truly see the importance of the subtleties.  That was because of working with a Godsend of a person and using the material The Choice Is Mine.  Until then, I was only able to make surface changes and was not able to truly get to the core of what was holding me back because I didn’t know how to until I was introduced to this material.

The only reason why it took 8 years was because of me, and my stubbornness of wanting to do it my way, no matter the fact that I was given the tools for the formula for success.  I was so deep into the lifelong patterns of revenge and vengeance, that I was not able to let go of doing it my way for the longest of times.  Sure I had put myself in the […]