What Do You Want?

A good first question to ask yourself is what do you want? In my knowing, the reason you are here is because somehow, someway, you asked for what this course will provide you no matter how it came to you. Some part of you wanted to know how to be you and the love of you.  If you allow it to be so, you will need to answer the questions; “who am I”, “why am I here”, “how did my life get to where it is” and “what can I do to affect my personal and professional life through greater grace, ease, abundance, joy and freedom”?

The first question to realize is, did you know that you are the creator of what and how you experience life? Knowing this is huge because now you realize you are no longer a victim to your circumstances. As harsh as this may sound, no one is doing anything to you that on some level you did not influence through your beliefs.

You were given a free will to experience life as you choose. It is up to you to choose conditionally through fear or unconditionally through being love. Find something to assist you in becoming more and more aware of what motivates the choices made through both love and fear and HOW this happens. The second question is, who are you going to be? Will you Dishonor self by what ‘you think’ is required of you to look good in the eyes of others? A Dishonored Self who wakes up and continues exhaustion, dreading another day, denying the dance, and silencing the song of you? Or an Esteemed self who is the individual who cannot wait to get up in the morning to sing your song and dance your dance, no matter what. This all comes when you become the observer of your experiences. This is not anything you can figure out in your head, this is something that evolves over time.

1. What is the most important change, growth, or what do you want to positively enhance in yourself and life?

This question will, over time, open you to understand your feelings and the way you experience life. The role this question plays is direct and purposeful in exposing what lives in your subconscious mind as what is your highest priority verses receiving what you say you want. Don’t define ‘where you think what you want is going to come from.’ You can certainly ask for what you want and what you love, yet be open to allowing God/Universe/Providence to bring what would better serve you unconditionally. Stay clear and accountable with your intentions. Be willing to be seen; realize there are no secrets in the larger scheme of things.

Some believe they have no power or they have given their power to others, yet this is not true. Everyone has power, and what you experience depends on how you use that power, conditionally, through judgement, blame guilt or shame which comes from different fears and ultimately creates upsets, confusion, resistance, loss, lack and illness or unconditionally/ love, which creates health, happiness, abundance, and freedom.

Want more assistance with the tools that will support you at a subconscious level to be truly free to live the life you would want to live? Unconditional Allowance is your subconscious reprogramming toolkit.

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