How to Create the Life You Love – Through Unconditional Responsibility

You don’t have to be a captive to your external experiences, the economy, your finances… etc. Your subconscious mind creates what you experience. Your understanding of your subconscious beliefs is what will allow you to change your life to what you want. State what you require and continually support your requirements through your words, thoughts and actions. How to support yourself in the moment so you can diffuse negative thoughts and emotions permanently.

Remember, there are no life lessons – Personal Development Tip

In this podcast entry, Veronique is a guest speaker on KVSP radio where she discusses the concept of having no life lessons. This is a huge personal development tip because if you understand this concept, then you can get off of the gerbil wheel of life lesson after life lesson after life lesson…. Just remember what you already know, and don’t judge what is happening to you by what you THINK it is. Get all the facts first before you decide what is happening. Listen to the podcast for more info.

Knowing Your True Self

This radio session, Veronique has a guest spot where she discusses the responsibility of being your true self as well as the joy of knowing your true self. Listen in to this episode of the podcast and discover another key of remembering your love. To get this knowledge for yourself, you can go to The Choice Is Mine and begin your personal transformation today.

Bringing The Ego Back Into Balance

This episode is a special guest episode from another radio show on kvsp. Listen on as you discover the importance of bringing the ego back into balance and how it can bring us back into well being.