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Personal Development First Step – Be Clear on What You Want.

What Do You Want?

A good first question to ask yourself is what do you want? In my knowing, the reason you are here is because somehow, someway, you asked for what this course will provide you no matter how it came to you. Some part of you wanted to know how to be you and the love of you.  If you allow it to be so, you will need to answer the questions; “who am I”, “why am I here”, “how did my life get to where it is” and “what can I do to affect my personal and professional life through greater grace, ease, abundance, joy and freedom”?

The first question to realize is, did you know that you are the creator of what and how you experience life? Knowing this is huge because now you realize you are no longer a victim to your circumstances. As harsh as this may sound, no one is doing anything to you that on some level you did not influence through your beliefs.

You were given a free will to experience life as you choose. It is up to you to choose conditionally through fear or unconditionally through being love. Find something to assist you in becoming more and more aware of what motivates the choices made through both love and fear and HOW this happens. The second question is, who are you going to be? Will you Dishonor self by what ‘you think’ is required of you to look good in the eyes of others? A Dishonored Self who wakes up and continues exhaustion, dreading another day, denying the dance, and silencing the song of you? Or an Esteemed self who is the individual who cannot wait to […]

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Economic Woes Cause Women To Feel Disempowered

…But that is not all!  In an article from the Associated Press, there is a growing trend the women who are experiencing harder times due to the economy, are resorting to working in the adult entertainment industry.  Even though the adult entertainment industry is also experiencing some effects from the economy, women can still earn a decent living by going topless.

What does this have to do with the topic of this blog?  It is about personal empowerment.  Looking at this trend unconditionally, without judging, are the women who are taking these jobs?  The come from all kinds of backgrounds and are willing to drastically change their job.  Are they truly empowering themselves?

Well, if they are working in the industry for the pure joy of it and they feel energized, empowered, and it is something they would do without pay, then they are in the joy of what they are doing, and they are empowering themselves.

If the women feel any form of judgement, blame, guilt or shame with their new profession, even if they are able to numb themselves to their own feelings, then they are dis-empowering themselves.  It doesn’t matter if it is “against” societies rules.  If you are truly in the joy of what you are doing, and it is what you came here to do, there is nothing external  that can make you feel any different.  If there is something external that has made you feel any different, then that feeling already resides within you.

This is why it is important now more than ever, for people to be able to empower themselves if they so choose and to not fall into the illusion that the economy is going to determine what kind […]

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The Choice Is Mine Course The Ultimate BREAKTHROUGH Beta Study Enrichment Program

There is some great, great news.  There is a unique one of a kind beta study training that is being offered.  First, let me tell you about the training.  There is only enough room for 60 people to participate in this revolutionary training that will absolutely turn the personal growth industry on it’s head.  This specialized training, developed by Veronique, will absolutely do to personal growth, what the Internet has done to the way we communicate.  It is also like the Internet was in the early days.  You had to experience the Internet to truly understand what it could do…. and even then, you didn’t understand it all.  You just knew it worked, and you used it.

The Choice Is Mine is a personal transformation system that works the same way.  It just works when you use it.  You don’t have to understand it, or learn anything complicated, or even look at yourself as having done anything ‘wrong’.  All you have to do is read, that’s it, and you will move faster in your growth than you could have ever imagined.

Starting on Jan 12th, there will be a 4 month training class that will be given to those who have purchased The Choice Is Mine for only $65.  That is $2240 worth of training for only $65!  This class will allow you to move even faster than just using the course because you will be working directly with Veronique.  If you want to take the class, all you have to do in order to be eligible is to purchase a course for yourself, which you can do when you purchase the training.

These spots will go fast because if you are looking for something to keep […]

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You can permanently make changes when you solve issues from the inside

When you come from the inside, you can make changes in your life that will be permanent. When you look for an outside fix, you will consistently repeat the same thing over and over again. This episode of the radio podcast really comes from where to focus your changes, and the importance of becoming aware of what you are currently experiencing. Listen in and get some great insight about what you can do to begin becoming aware of what is going on internally.

Get the HOW TO guide in making these changes for yourself 

How would you like to speed up your personal growth?

The Choice Is Mine, an out-of-this-world personal development system is giving a teleseminar Tuesday June 10th at 8:00pm eastern time, on one of the tools in the personal development system, that discusses how we can speed up our own personal growth.

The topic of the teleseminar is:

Remember what I have forgotten within myself and I have no life lessons.

This concept is interesting because it basically says that we already have everything in us that we require. It’s just a matter of pulling it out of ourselves. Think of the energy and time that can save us!  It also makes me wonder if the experiences we put ourselves through is not really about learning at all, but remembering, and we are just in the illusion that we are learning!  Hmm… This would be just cutting out the “middle-man” so to speak!

For those of you who are interested, you can reserve your spot online. Spaces are limited. The concepts in this material are very new and come from a fresh perspective. A perspective that is very effective in assisting you in moving past what blocks you and quickly.

Register for free at:

The Choice Is Mine Training Teleseminar

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Personal Growth and Life Lessons

Our own personal growth process is really a case of remembering what we have forgotten.  We have convinced ourselves that this process is really about learning from experiences we have in our lives, that we call  ‘life lessons’.  These ‘life lessons’ are really experiences that help us to remember what we already ‘know’.  The more we allow ourselves to remember what we already know, the less we will have the need to create these ‘life lessons’.   Listen to this radio show that goes into much more detail.

What are your barriers to personal growth and what is holding you back?

In this episode, you will discover what is holding you back from getting what you want and what may be some of the barriers to your own personal growth.  Listen to this exciting episode on what is keeping you down from achieving the life you want to live.  The exciting thing about this is there are tools out there that can help you discover that in much less time than years and years.  Once you discover it, you also have tools to overcome what it is that is keeping you back.

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New Radio Show to Empower Those To Thrive in a Sluggish Economy

    Orlando, FL — Fact: Billionaire US investor Warren Buffett said that the American economy was already in a recession. This places special meaning and importance to anyone who is affected by the economy.  Let’s face it, in today’s economic environment, the standard means of keeping our head above the water just won’t cut it if we want to do more than barely survive.  We need something new and something different.

Veronique, founder and CEO of Veronique Inc and Enlightened Heart Foundation is providing just this.  Veronique now has a radio show airing on WWNN that deals with teaching individuals, organizations, and schools how to weather the current conditions and come out on top, as well as gives them the inspiration to know they have the choice and the power to rise above their status quo.

    “…I have spent over 20 year in the personal growth industry and I have even taught classes myself on personal growth and development. When I first heard about Veronique’s course, I thought ‘What could I possibly learn from this class?’ Did I ever get the answer after the class was over. In a matter of weeks, I discovered what it was that was holding me back and keeping be down. I am now a successful published author and I can say it was all because of the powerful perception of love I learned in her beta class which allowed me to choose differently .”
– Debra Gano – Author of Beauty’s Secret

On Thursday, March 17, the radio show made its debut, on WWNN live from 3:00 to 3:30pm, and will also be available via podcast at as well as via webcast at

Her show will also air again on […]

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