Using You Intuition – the Key to Unconditional Self Trust

With the Bernie Madoff scandal, how can someone protect themselves from falling for that in the future?  Use your intuition!  Listen into this fascinating subject about intuition, how to tell it apart from your ego based thoughts so you can trust yourself and your decisions.

The Power Of Your Intuition – It Can Save You A World Of Struggle

We are all born with a guidance system that steers us around the rocks and the troubled waters that lie in our path and it is powerful and perfect in it’s ability to support us in living a life of grace and ease.  How many people do you know that you don’t think are all that “intelligent” who seem to be “lucky” at the right place and time?  Their lives just seem to work and for the life of you, you can’t figure out why!

Well, that is the answer…  they aren’t figuring anything out.  They are using their intuition to guide them because they have found over the years that using their intuition brings them better results than using their brain.  Even if they are not conscious of this.  If many of the millionaires had used their intuition, they may not have got caught up in the Maddoff scandal.  Their intuition would have told them not to invest…. Even if it was through another company that ended up investing with Maddoff’s fund.

Listen in to HOW your intuition keeps you out of trouble and HOW you can rely on it more and more.

Using Your Intuition – The Subtlety of Manifesting Your Dreams

In this episode of the show, we cover the subtleties that we overlook when we are using the law of attraction and how these subtleties really make the difference if we want to manifest quickly.  In this episode, we cover the intuition and the role it plays in being able to live a life of grace, ease and abundance.

The Subtleties of Our Intuiton

I attended a teleseminar the other day, and it was basically about the intuition and how it is really the guidance system we should be paying attention to, and not our mind.  The subtle understanding of the intuition is that it is completely unconditional.  As a result, following our intuition will never lead us to experience loss, lack or illness because when we make decisions and live from an unconditional mindset, or beingness, we are not pushing away abundance by living through fear.   The simple physics of it is that no two things can occupy the same place at the same time, so we are either being unconditional in the moment or conditional in the moment.

One of the things that was mentioned on the teleseminar is that sometimes people feel that they have followed their intuition and it got them into trouble.  The presenter explained that if whatever feeling you followed, you ended up with some sort of loss or struggle, then it wasn’t your intuition, but some conditional based feeling that you were following.  The intuition doesn’t come from an emotional place, so if you are experiencing any kind of emotional jolt with whatever feeling comes up, then you can pretty much bet that it isn’t your intuition.  That is a pretty powerful subtlety that makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to knowing when it is your intuition and when it isn’t.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  To go much deeper, it is explained much better in TCIM.

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Radio Show Episode – Connecting With Your Intuition, and the Power of Your Intuition

This radio show covers another of the powerful keys that turn conditional thoughts into unconditional thoughts. “Remember What I Have Forgotten Within Myself and I Have No Life Lessons”. This key is about getting back to allowing your intuition to guide you instead of your mind. Our mind was never supposed to figure out how we should live to get what it is that we want. It is our intuition that allows us to go through life through grace, ease and abundance.

Join us on June 10th for a free teleseminar on this same subject. You will be able to ask questions and get answers.

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Accelerated Personal Development… Just Remember What We Have Forgotten

We feel we need to go through lesson after lesson after life lesson in order to grow, or to gain insights so we can become more conscious.  Each lesson takes us closer to the insights that we feel we need to learn to get to that next step.  However, we have forgotten that we already have all of that insight, and knowledge within us already.  It isn’t a matter of going through lesson after lesson.  It is just a matter  of allowing ourselves to remember what it is that we have forgotten.  We don’t require life lessons when all we need to do is allow our intuition to come online and connect us with that inner knowledge.

The energy it takes to allow is much lower than the energy to learn, especially if it is done through going through experience after experience after experience.

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