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Secrets of the Rich – Why are the Rich That Way?

Why are the rich so well off financially while the vast majority of society is struggling?  Why did the popular book The Secret not work for the majority of those that read it?  It wasn’t a hoax, it wasn’t something that was a bunch of BS that wasn’t real.  It was just missing, or not emphasizing some key elements that would have made the difference.

The key is, that you have to know that you are going to receive what it is that you are asking for, no matter how seemingly impossible it looks.  What most of us do is we base what we can have based on what is in front of us that we can interact with by using our 5 senses.  That is only .1% of the whole picture.  99.9% of the whole picture comes from beyond our 5 senses (that 6th or 7th sense).  Our thoughts and beliefs are what will keep us in line with creating what it is that we want.  When we begin to doubt, we push it away, and we have to start over again.  Doubting = the death of your dream.  That is why the techniques in The Secret didn’t work for many people.  They were erased by doubt, and the huge ingrained habits of negative thinking that we have all been programmed to approach life with.

Think about how many negative, self defeating thoughts you have on a daily basis?  The truth is, you are using The Secret, but you aren’t using it in a way that will give you what you love.  Keep track of the number of negative thoughts you have on a daily basis, and make a commitment to yourself to reduce it […]

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The Moses Code – My Experiences (Spoilers)

Yesterday, I saw the movie “The Moses Code” . I had heard it was “The Secret 2”, and although I had never seen the movie The Secret, I was interested in what this movie was about. One of the complaints about The Secret was that it focused on material things, such as “I want to make this much money” or “I want that type of car”. I can’t really add my own comments because I haven’t seen the movie.

The movie started out and had my interest….. What was the code that was lost to humankind for thousands of years? And then we were told what the code was…. It’s not what you might think. I’ll leave you in suspense…

In any rate, by the end of the film, I felt that it wasn’t as interesting as “What the Bleep” because it was a series of people speaking. Some of the people who were at the viewing felt like they were being lectured to. The movie was only an hour long, and with that format, you wouldn’t want it to be much longer. It ended at just the right time because I was just about ready to lose interest in the movie as I felt like I was hearing the same message over again.

Some points I feel where the movie missed out, or could have incorporated.

  1. Their presentation of the Ego in relation to the rest of us. – The ego was presented as the thing that gets in our way in terms of expereincing God. It was something that we have to control and keep in check. Well, we are supposed to have […]
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