• If we go far enough, there is love If we go far enough, there is love

    If we go far enough, there is love

If we go far enough, there is love


The wealth experienced is universal in nature…  relationships, financial, health, creativity, opportunities, inspiration, etc.

What brings truth to this statement is an ancient immutable law that effects the young, old, male, female, no matter one’s vocation, educational level or religious choice.

Before I share this law, its power and how it governs all actions of all human beings personally, professionally and organizationally, I want to set the groundwork to its discovery.

Three small hints in tune with this law and its universal application are in the following quotes: The first from Marcus Aurelius; “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man (person) should be. Be one.”

A more chilling representation of this law is a quote from Gandhi; “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

And the last hint is in a quote from Benjamin Franklin;” They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Placing myself in front of different Masters worldwide, people like you and me who became leaders by defining values that developed virtues that evolved into how to support without enabling through being an example to the world.  What I have come to know impeccably is that this one immutable law – evolves true freedom – to give and receive an unshakable love over lingering anger/fear responses.  “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”? Nelson Mandela

With a clearer understanding of this – ONE LAW – ethical leadership within my own life developed. This evolved forward-thinking, pragmatic insights solidifying a blueprint that guided one’s actions where anyone can […]

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  • How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

    How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

How to Keep Yourself Out of Anger/Fear

A magical life, will still have its Hills and Valleys. It just means that you’re able to see the magic in the Hills and Valleys.  You can also see the purpose in the Hills and Valleys and are able to embrace the joys of the Hills and Valleys.  When you’re in the magic, you’re able to go through them in an ease, grace and in an abundance in life.

How do you get to the State of Consciousness where you are living a magical life?  You get to that state of being by

1) allowing all things,
2) being in the joy,
3) having trust and faith,
4) and attaching yourself to nothing.

What do you need to do be able to do these 4 core things? You get there by being accountable and responsible unconditionally with self and others simultaneously. Unconditional means no judgment, blame, guilt or shame on self or others simultaneously in any and all situations.

How do you get to the state of consciousness where you are unconditional?  You get there by being aware of self… your emotions, thoughts, feelings, choices and actions.  How do you become aware? You become aware by looking at reality as the Keeper Of Truth without filters of misperceptions.

How do you become able to see reality without your own filters blocking the truth? You have to first quiet your mind. You quiet your mind from all of the things of what you think something is about, and you allow it to truly evolve to what it truly is.

You must come to the point of realizing the purpose of the experience, the purpose of what has come to your life and recognize that somewhere within what you ask God, the Universe for, it is unfolding in these experiences that are coming to you.

If […]

A Paradigm Shift to The Financial Reality of Professional Athletes

It is a well-known fact that the majority of professional athletes in the NBA and the NFL have ended up broke or financially struggling within five and two years respectively after they have retired. There are some reasons for this ranging from bad financial advice, poor spending choices, bad investments, embezzlement and legal troubles. The story happens time and time again, yet every year, rookies go into their new career and seem to ignore the fate of those before them. And unfortunately, they appear to continue the pattern only a few years later.

The cause of their fate is most of these players don’t come from backgrounds that have an understanding and appreciation of financial literacy. They have never been exposed to the value of saving their money so it can work for them instead of them working for their money. In fact, they probably don’t know that their money can work for them as it would be an entirely alien concept.

The good news is that with the introduction of certain concepts during their college years, these rookies can begin to set up a plan that will allow them to retire in comfort until they choose their next great adventure.

The first thing they must understand is they are a business entity unto themselves. Their product is their raw & refined talent. They must treat it as so and as such properly ensure their product, create a business structure around it, build a strong brand and properly monetize it. The problem with most athletes is they undervalue their product, and they do many things to devalue their brand, low-ball their product’s worth and create […]

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  • When the Act of Forgiveness Can Be Harmful to Self and Others When the Act of Forgiveness Can Be Harmful to Self and Others

    When the Act of Forgiveness Can Be Harmful to Self and Others

When the Act of Forgiveness Can Be Harmful to Self and Others

This article comes in light of the many incidences where a member of the Black community is harmed/assaulted/killed and then they or their survivors immediately forgive the perpetrator of the incident.  Lately, these actions have begun to come under criticism by the Black community, because not only are other communities not asked to do the same, automatic forgiveness is also not particularly empowering.  To the Black community, these actions  illustrated a pattern that Black Americans are supposed to automatically take a “no harm no foul” attitude no matter how much harm is done to them.


There have been many explanations of the reason our community has this kind of automatic forgiving response when it experiences harm and trauma. Dr Francis Cress Welsing had a very detailed synopsis for this behavior ( As we have seen, this behavior had not changed anything, or has lessened systematic white supremacy’s effect on the lives of the Black community.


The following explains why the behavior of blind forgiveness will never affect systematic white supremacy, and it actually brings more harm to the community and ultimately specific steps the Black community can take to change this behavior, and to stop and eventually reverse the cycle of harm and begin to address healing the mental health issues.


One of the aspects of blind automatic forgiveness that hasn’t truly been discussed are the holistic influences that affect everything from our thoughts, words and actions. This widespread influence comes from our subconscious and ultimately our DNA, other individuals and the environment. What we do and the actions we take can affect our energy/influences, which affects our future experiences. I am sharing this concept so you can understand how our actions keep us on the gerbil wheel of oppression that we can’t seem to break from.


So how can forgiveness […]

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Kid Cudi’s Public Rehab Checkin Due To Depression – Healing the Suppressed Anger

When Kid Cudi announced his checkin to a rehab center for depression and suicidal thoughts, it brought a tidal wave of other black men coming forward and sharing their experiences of depression and anxiety under the hashtag #YouGoodMan.



While these are just a sample of some of the tweets, there all have a common theme at their core and that theme is:

1) Black men have suppressed an incredible amount of anger over their lives, and have probably had some passed down to them as well. None of this anger has been addressed and has finally come out in the form of Depression & Anxiety.

2) Black men have been socialized by the […]

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  • The Life You Would Love To Live Is Just a Thought Away The Life You Would Love To Live Is Just a Thought Away

    The Life You Would Love To Live Is Just a Thought Away

The Life You Would Love To Live Is Just a Thought Away

What Kind Of Reality Do You Truly WANT To Experience?

I was recently in a conversation with several people who had their own ideas of how the world should be (don’t we all have our own opinions on that topic?)  The thing that struck me was no matter how opposite the ideas were, everyone focused on what upset them the most instead of what they wanted.  I communicated with there was a way to approach having what you wanted with much less struggle.  This is what the basis of this article is about and I will describe it from the point of view of energy, as we are energetic beings and are affected by energy.

1)  There are only 2 states of being in which we can exist Love or Anger

Most of us see Love or Anger as an emotion, however it is really a state of being.  These states of being produce numerous thoughts, which create the emotions within us, which affect how we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us.  For instance, those that are in the state of being of Love, feel emotions of feeling joy, happiness, contentment, confidence, well-being, empathy, altruism, selflessness, gratitude & optimism among others.  Those that are in the state of being of Anger feel emotions of rage, frustration, jealousy, helplessness, fear, depression, hate, selfishness, judgement, shame, guilt, blame & vengeance among others.

Why is it important to not only understand this, but to know where you are throughout the day?  Because how you choose to exist (Love or Anger) will determine what you are thinking and ultimately projecting out into he world around you and how others & situations respond to you.  Science has been able […]

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Change – Foe or Friend – How Do I Handle Change? Here Is A Simple How

the more you fight changeChange is a natural human process and is ever evolving. We change as we make new decisions. We also find that we are required to change as our situations and relationships change. Sometimes we hope others will change in ways we wish or expect and are disappointed when they don’t. We change as we passion new and improved ways to live happy, fulfilled, balanced and fruitful lives. From a passion to be more we invite change into our lives. When life appears to unravel unexpectedly it is because we are opposing and wanting to control the change in our mood by attempting to blame and judge what we misperceive and believe to be what triggered the unwelcome change.
“You cannot have an outside fix to and inside problem.” – Veronique
The need to adapt to changing circumstances can, at times, leave us feeling helpless, powerless, afraid, even hurt if we misperceive our circumstances that brought the change into existence. At the root of all discord, sometimes buried, yet still existing is unresolved misperceptions that create angry/fear based/hurt filled responses. If highly charged negative emotions are left unresolved they build upon themselves. Our minds then repeat thoughts in our head where negative beliefs build and continue to fester even more misunderstandings that leads us to feel that ‘change’ is a foe instead of a friend.
When one fully allows the situation that contained the ‘change’ in how we were feeling or our circumstances — without judgment, blame, guilt, or shame, — and instead we look for the purpose and good in what the […]

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  • The First Step in Changing Anything is Commitment The First Step in Changing Anything is Commitment

    The First Step in Changing Anything is Commitment

The First Step in Changing Anything is Commitment

OK, so how many personal, or business development weekends or seminars have we attended only to have absolutely nothing change in our lives, whereas others who have attended the exact same class was able to create major life changes for themselves?  I’m raising my hand here.  I have attended many of these things only to experience minor/if any changes in my life where others were able to create quite an improvement in their lives.

In fact one seminar I attended dealing with some aspect of real estate, was quite pricey and I had vowed to myself I would at least make my money back in this seminar.  Not only did this not happen, but one of the instructors who became an instructor after only 2 years after taking the same course, eventually left the realestate business when the market dictated it, and moved into my field only to soar past me after only being in my field for 1 year.

That is a pretty humbling experience, yet one that can also be a very good visual of what it is that he was doing and I wasn’t.  I would say it wasn’t skill or intelligence.  I would say it was commitment.  He was more committed to being successful and I was more committed to staying in my comfort zone and being arrogant enough to convince myself that it was enough to achieve the results I wanted to have.

The important thing is that in each and every moment we are committed to something.  If what we are committed to isn’t creating the results we want, then it is insanity to stay committed to that.  In the moment we realize that what we have committed to isn’t giving us what we […]

The 5 Commandments Of A Success Consciousness:

As a service provider, not only is it important to develop and maintain a success consciousness for yourself to keep your business profitable and growing, it is also important to have that consciousness for your customers and clients.  Whether you realize it or not, your degree of consciousness is on display to your customers by how you interact with them, and by the experiences they have in your store.  The condition of your store, the quality of your business and the feeling people have when interacting with you, or your business is a direct reflection of your level of consciousness.

Why is this important to be aware of your level of consciousness?  Because service providers are considered the leaders, or experts in their field and need to have a good handle on their own inner growth, and awareness.  Your customers come to you for more information and guidance to become more successful themselves, and if your business is disorganized, if you have trouble making your rent, or your personal life is in chaos, then how can you be the shining beacon of light for your customers?  Even if they may not be conscious and aware of this, we are all one, and on some level, they DO know.  Why should they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on inner growth material with someone who is struggling just as much as they are?

The good news is that it isn’t as difficult, or doesn’t take as long to turn things around.  If you are aware of the 5 commandments of success consciousness, you can apply them not only to your business, but to your personal life as well.  Using these concepts consistently and in a grounded way, […]

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Everyone Has Power – Even the Seemingly Lowest Among Us

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about power and what that really means.  This friend is a very wise individual who I think has uncovered the recipe of life.  In any respect, I was talking about an article i read about sex trafficking and sex slaves.  The article said that in these cases, the people who participate in such activities, have a sense of power over the sex slaves, and see them as objects.  Having the feeling of ‘power’ over the sex slave makes them feel very important.

The truth is, that no one really has power over you.  In the current moment, it may seem like there are others who are in a position of power over you.  In that case certain aspects it would be true (meaning they have control over you physically in the moment.  The one thing that no one has control over, is the thoughts that you think and how you perceive a situation.  The power is that what you think about most, you will eventually receive.  If you are in a situation where it seems hopeless, then focusing on the hopelessness, will change nothing.  Focusing on what you want to change and feeling how you will feel in that new situation will change your situation.  This is why no one ultimately has power over anyone.  As you increase in your personal growth, you will begin to see truth of this example.

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