We all have heard the phrase that we are our own worst enemy.  Truth is, we are our only antagonist to reaching our goals when  they don’t align

Personal Development Seminar (1)

Personal Development Seminar (1) (Photo credit: TijsB)

with our internal beliefs.  So knowing this, what is the best mindset to have when reaching in and understanding how we may be getting in our own way?


STRENGTH, COURAGE and WISDOM are three fundamental keys that form the foundation in having a powerful mindset to grow your personal and professional life. First, I will address a rudiment, a core knowledge that lives in every human being and how this “core” either destructively or constructively effects your ability to grow strongly, personally and professionally through the strength, courage and wisdom that is necessary for personal and professional development. To discover this core and how it influences your choices, you must first look at reality. Reality, if looked at without interpretation, can keep you real and guide you to discover what is at the heart of your choices.

WHAT IS AT THE CORE of the STRENGTH of your words, the COURAGE found in your passion/commitment and the WISDOM you can gain from looking honesty, without interpretation or mis-perception, at reality as the keeper of truth… LOVE and your perception of it.

Human beings live by and through love alone. Love is an unadulterated power “within you” a God given gift that can propel your life personally and professionally through greater ease, grace and abundance. As a youth you formed your perception of what you “think” love is. This perception is then stored in the subconscious mind and connects you to how you motivate yourself throughout life within this basic human need… love given and received. No one is born without love at their core. Yet, the unadulterated essence and true power found in love can over time be covered up, buried and forgotten through distortions and misperceptions of what you “think” is love. This adulterated version of love twists your subconscious mind into beliefs that support you negativity instead of positively.

Beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind and are 90% of how you form your life through the choices you make. 10% of how your life is formed comes from the conscious mind. If your subconscious and conscious minds are not congruent with each other you will create some form of delay in living your dream life. On the extreme side, if these parts of self are “hugely” out of balance and not congruent with each other you will create different levels of destructive havoc in your life because the subconscious beliefs is always battling with and overriding the conscious desires. Because your subconscious is 90% of what forms your choices it will lead you down a confusing path of destructive choices until you choose to become aware of your perception of love and how it motivates your choices. Until “you become aware” of how your perception of love is being used, by you, constructively or destructively, nothing is long lasting in happiness or success it will always be altered and shaken by some outside circumstance. This can occur in both your personal and or your professional life.

If you go through life placing the responsibility of your choices, how you feel or the condition of your life on others or circumstances within your life, you are misusing love as a powerful constructive tool from which to build strongly and securely. If you are unaware how your “perception of love” is motivating you, then building supportive mindsets or building business practices that last will be very short lived. Why? Because gaining and building upon ease, grace and abundance personally and professionally will remain illusive until you become aware of how to harness the “power of love” living “within” you and how you can use this power, within the gift of you, for the greater good, without taking on the responsibility of others.

Hidden agendas are a negative use of your perception of love and will continue interfering with the flow in which life can create through. Becoming aware of your perception of love, then using it constructively throughout your life allows you to better understand how to motivate yourself through mindsets that form and build upon the trust and faith that supports your life dream into reality… without exception.

Becoming aware of this core… your perception of love, then combining this core with powerful skill-sets, this combination will attract and draw to you what can appear as miraculous support. Support that will enable you to seize, hold onto and build upon a set of circumstances that make it possible for you to live what brings you great happiness and success in all you do. This same chance for a happy and success filled life will pass by individuals that are less aware and less accountable and responsible in the way in which one acts or conducts oneself. Becoming aware of how you effect your world, then becoming unconditionally responsible for developing a foundation for you to build through the STRENGTH of your words, the COURAGE found in your passion/commitment and the WISDOM you can gain from looking honesty at reality is what will open and position you into an unlimited life that can appear as a magical unfolding.

The magic! Once you truly commit to you being all you can be… doors of opportunities open.

These same doors are forever closed to those who want others to be responsible for how they feel or their condition in life. Instead, choose to be responsible in using your perception of love constructively and the strength in giving your word, the courage found in your dedication and the quality of life you can gain from looking honestly at reality is what will change your life experiences into becoming easier, more grace filled and abundant.

(It’s always good to reread so your mind can fully absorb the empowering suggestions to be successful. – Veronique)

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