From definition of being arrogant in the British Dictionary:

1. having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance,merit, ability, etc;
2. conceited;
3. overbearingly proud.

So let’s look at these terms.  I bring them up because during my journey and growth, I have had to deal with my own high level of arrogance, which has really gotten in the way of me reconnecting with the true Love of who I am.  Why is this? Based on the concept that no 2 things can occupy the same space at the same time, in each and every moment, you are either being Love or Anger/Fear.   Love creates abundance and Fear creates loss/lack and illness.

So that being said, when I am being arrogant, I am truly being in anger/fear because of the following:

1) In having an exaggerated opinion of my own importance, I am not being in the love of all things.  I am in separation instead of oneness.  In oneness, which can only be entered when one is being Love, everyone is important and everyone has the same level of importance…. no one is more important than the other.  Oneness sees there is a different role that everyone plays, however each role has its purpose.  Oneness doesn’t place its own role as being any more special because to do so would be to also dishonor a part of itself as well…. and Oneness honors all (form or on this topic see the self improvement material at

So I believe, arrogance is the other side of the coin of having a low esteem of self.  Arrogance is a means of covering up any misguided perceptions of one’s own worth, for whatever reason.  Sometimes, it can be from someone not feeling deserving of love, they believe they are less than others, or that they carry the illusion that they are safe though being right.  Through arrogance, they are in separation because the believe that they are above doing certain things, or having certain experiences.  Because of this mindset, someone in arrogance cannot see the purpose and good of experiences that they have and therefore they remain stuck repeating them over and over again.

I know for me in my experience, that was the case.  I would not be able to see the experience for what it was…. an opportunity to rise above the situation and permanently transcend the misperception that was holding me back.  Instead, I would judge the situation as it should have been something else, and in my life, nothing changed.  It would always be the same thing repeating itself in a different setting.  In those rare instances when I did embrace the experience as being an opportunity to grow, it was because I was able to in that moment allow myself to feel vulnerable, and be ok with not being right.  I noticed that it was for the small things that I felt ‘safe’ in being ‘wrong’ or ‘unknowing’ about.

The truth is, arrogant people are completely terrified of feeling vulnerable.  This includes being wrong, not knowing something, looking “foolish”, not being taken seriously, and not being respected (feared in its most extreme form).  At the core, they feel if they are any of these things, they won’t be able to receive love from others, because they don’t remember that they are already that love within themselves that they seek from others.

Arrogant people can be some of the most lonely in the world because they don’t allow themselves to be open enough where they can make the deep and meaningful enough relationships to others.  Other people see and feel you as being real when you are able to be vulnerable with them.  Arrogant people are more attached to their illusion of being safe than the deep satisfying connections they can have with others when they see the importance of everyone.

In its most extreme forms, arrogance morphs itself into racism, bigotry, misogyny, misandry, etc.  The severe need to look down on others to feel better about yourself.  The thing with this viewpoint is that when we walk around trying to blow out each other’s candles, all we do is end up in the dark….  There can be no enlightenment, compassion or understanding in that consciousness.

This whole post isn’t about bashing arrogant people, looking down on them or even feeling sorry for them.  It is merely about one arrogant person taking a step into a very vulnerable space and sharing with others some of my experiences as see through the eyes of arrogance and through the eyes of not judging.  It’s about opening up to publicly admitting I’m human and the same as everyone else, not greater or lesser, and begin to see others as a different aspect of myself (there go I before the grace of God), and knowing that the only way I can truly be more (different from better than others), is through Love.  It’s to remind myself to see my experiences not as something that is to tear me down, but something that is to strengthen my connection to Love.  It is to remember the gift I truly came here to there with the world can’t be shared as long as I’m stuck in my ignorance, and to focus on sharing it with the world by being my Love.  This posting is also to remind myself, that the value I bring to the world is not my intelligence, looks, money, knowledge, or any misperceived measure of self importance… the real value I bring to the world is my own unique expression of Love.