This is part 2 of the article of what holds us back and keeps us down from experiencing powerful professional and personal development.  Read on for more about strengthening your words and how strong languaging affects your results and reality in part 2 of this series.


Although strength covers different attributes in human behavior the strength I am talking about is in the words you use to describe yourself, others, your reality as well as living up to your word. Having a clear focus to “speak” with strength so actions of strength can follow builds a freedom within you building upon an unshakable trust and faith which enables you to be all you can be. This is how it works.

First you must realize that deprived of any qualities is power that comes from force. Real power comes from congruent thoughts, words and actions that are backed up by the energy of positive, responsible and accountable choices.

Here is an example of what occurs when words lack strength. People give a polite word or sign of welcome or recognition to each other without a conscious thought that the energy behind the words they use reinforces “INTO LIFE” what comes out of their mouth. Think of the last time you heard someone (or even yourself) respond to a greeting of “How are you?” with “Just so-so,” or “I’m surviving”. Be conscious of your words. THINK! What have you just reinforced through the choice of using those words? Is that WHAT you really want in your world a so-so, or just surviving life? YES!… NO! Then take a responsible action by reinforcing through conscious communication the life you want to live. The next time “anyone”, asks; “How are you?”, respond with strength. Give them an energetic, enthusiastic, “Excellent!” Words send the message and your actions reinforce that message in your subconscious mind as a congruent focus which establishes a solid belief system that either reinforces what you want or pushes it away when you are not congruent.

Thoughts, words and actions coming together support you in realizing your goals or not. If not… be aware and accountable that it is “you” and only you which ultimately effects, moment to moment, how you choose to experience your circumstances… through your negative or positive responses. Being congruent forms consistent feelings of knowing and trusting that in time your dream life will be real! Reinforcing what you want verses “what you don’t want” will in time build upon a habit of accessing feelings of well being, uplifting energy that will more easily support you in becoming automatic of remaining positive, no matter what.

Clearing your mind by NOT focusing on problems and instead focusing on “what you want” supports your intuition, your creativity from a internal spring of inspiration to respond with solutions, ways and means that open doors to different circumstances appearing as perceived miracles… and they are… the miracles and rewards found in being more and more accountable and responsible for “how you feel” and “what you want” instead of attempting to push that responsibility and accountability onto others. I see says the blind man… to “really see” even if temporary blinded by challenges forming anxiety, you MUST repeat this conscious building exercise of focusing on what you want… through absolute laser light clarity moment to moment. Be consistent with responses that encompasses sincere enthusiasm. Leave robotic responses to mechanical devices. One of my favorite characters in a movie is Yoda from Star Wars. His message was clear when he commanded Luke Skywalker to focus; “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Speaking with strength also creates accountability and a commitment to open you to be the best you can be to blossom and build upon itself. Challenge yourself to be conscious of words that exude strength. Choose to avoid using words that cause failure or defeats your inner strength, strength already living within you. If you don’t change how you communicate to yourself or others you will totally kill your strength off to where it must be born again through an unadulterated commitment of “you” being responsible and accountable… remember God helps those who help themselves. Be conscious of words that gradually weaken and in time destroy a person’s inner God given power.

Choose to eliminate disempowering words:

I’ll try – I can’t

I don’t know – I have no time

I’m afraid of – It’s impossible

I “think” I can

Omitting self defeating words that sap energy is not enough. You can compare the elimination of words that are strength killers to good defense; yet to succeed, it also requires a strong offense. Use offensive strategy with words that build a positive mental connections, reinforces your personal strength and commitment by using words that build competence and confidence:

I will – I can

I know – I will make the time

I am self-assured – All things are possible

I know I can and I will

Consciously choose to use words to change your situation, not to describe it. Using the strength found in words, who’s roots are strong and grounded to communicate positive change builds an unshakable mindset that forges you to be a part of how your future builds instead of being trapped in an illusionary nightmare where lasting positive changes seemed to belong to others and not yourself. Become aware. God gave you a free will choice… to choose. It is up to you to be conscious enough to know “how to choose” what will support what you really, really, really want instead of any illusion you kept yourself in through repeating habits that defeat your goals. Become increasingly aware of how you are ultimately supporting yourself and your loved ones through what you think/believe, how you communicate and the actions you take that creates the life you live.

It’s always good to reread so your mind can fully absorb the empowering suggestions to be successful.