As a service provider, not only is it important to develop and maintain a success consciousness for yourself to keep your business profitable and growing, it is also important to have that consciousness for your customers and clients.  Whether you realize it or not, your degree of consciousness is on display to your customers by how you interact with them, and by the experiences they have in your store.  The condition of your store, the quality of your business and the feeling people have when interacting with you, or your business is a direct reflection of your level of consciousness.

Why is this important to be aware of your level of consciousness?  Because service providers are considered the leaders, or experts in their field and need to have a good handle on their own inner growth, and awareness.  Your customers come to you for more information and guidance to become more successful themselves, and if your business is disorganized, if you have trouble making your rent, or your personal life is in chaos, then how can you be the shining beacon of light for your customers?  Even if they may not be conscious and aware of this, we are all one, and on some level, they DO know.  Why should they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on inner growth material with someone who is struggling just as much as they are?

The good news is that it isn’t as difficult, or doesn’t take as long to turn things around.  If you are aware of the 5 commandments of success consciousness, you can apply them not only to your business, but to your personal life as well.  Using these concepts consistently and in a grounded way, will allow swift changes in not only your life, but the life of your customers as well.  They will see just how powerfully you are living your life, and will have more trust in what you are selling, and will therefore purchase more from you.

The 5 success consciousness commandments for faster personal development and growth are:

Be unconditional in your thoughts, viewpoints and actions

You are a powerful being, and every belief, thought and action you take is of some purpose.  It either is taking you where you want to go or not.  There is no right or wrong with your decisions and actions, only ‘moving closer’, or ‘moving away’.  When you approach life in this way, you will be more willing to look at the beliefs, thoughts and actions that don’t support what you want in your life because you are not judging yourself as good or bad, or right or wrong.  This one commandment alone will speed up your success consciousness because you no longer have to play the games of keeping yourself in the illusion that what you are doing is truly creating what it is you say you want.  Releasing all judgments allows you to hold the mirror to yourself and not see right or wrong, good or bad, only you and how much you are supporting your goals through your thoughts, words and actions.

Take 100% responsibility for your experiences

When you realize that you are 100% responsible for your experiences, you begin to move yourself from the one that is buffeted by life and blown here and there by the winds of the economy, other people’s conditional thoughts and actions, the political climate, or anything else external.  When you command responsibility for your experiences, you give yourself the power to change them.  You cannot change what you do not accept responsibility for.

Be conscious of your thoughts from moment to moment.

The basis of how you experience your reality stems directly from your thoughts.  What you are experiencing in the moment is a result of a series of thoughts you had in previous moments.  If you want to change your experiences in life, you must first change your thoughts.  Observe your thoughts in each and every moment and observe your emotional responses to what you experience.  Are your thoughts mostly negative?  Do you consistently imagine failure or struggle when you think about your goals, or what you say you want?  Do you feel dread or fear when you think about having what you say you want or joy and excitement?  It is important to observe yourself with a detached attitude.  It’s not about making your thoughts right or wrong, it’s about seeing where you are in the moment and then allowing yourself to be in the joy of knowing where you are so you know the direction you need to move in to have what you say you want.  As the saying by Earl Nightengale goes:  “You get what you think about most of the time.”

Understand that every action you take, supports your perception of love through fear or love

Your actions and responses to situations and decisions are based from responding through fear or responding through love.  Each time you make a choice in fear or love, you take an action based on that choice.  If your choice was made through love, your actions will be based on love and will bring grace, ease and abundance.  If your choice was made through fear or anger, your actions will be based on anger and fear and you will experience loss, lack and struggle.  In this process, your actions will continue to reinforce your automatic (subconscious) choice mechanism.  The way to change your automatic choice mechanism, is to be aware of your choices in each and every moment and when you notice your choices made through fear, choose differently in that moment, and different actions will automatically follow from that new choice

Take action to ground your a-ha moments

When you have a new insight, it is wisdom, but it hasn’t become knowledge because it isn’t a part of you yet.  How do you make the new insight a part of you?  You ground it with an action or experience.  This action is usually something different than what your usual action would be, and comes from your instinct instead of your logic.  When you have an a-ha moment, pay attention to any urges you may feel in the moment and follow them impeccably.  This beaks the cycle of unproductive actions and solidifies a cycle of productive & constructive actions that will move you forward in creating your goals more effectively and efficiently.

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