I have done Life Vessel before many years ago and last week,  I had my first session with Energy Genesis.  What is Energy Genesis?  Well it is a new technology that uses light and sound vibration to support your cells back into their unadulterated state of being (kind of like the technology used by Life Vessel, only differently and not really the same technology).  It is kind of interesting because I was going to say that it supports your cells back into they way they were when you were first born, however, now that I think about it, even in the womb, we are subjected to all kinds of environmental, chemical, and vibrational toxins, do we ever experience an unadulterated state of being?

Well, at any rate, as I said, last week I got a session and right after the session, I was feeling really, really good.  Like I had some laughing gas or something.  That state of extreme well being lasted for several hours.  For the rest of the day, I was quite creative and thinking of solutions to situations that had never come to me before.  The next day I noticed that I was experiencing some interesting detox symptoms which included everything from a thick sinus discharge (Yummy, Yum, Yum!!!), to runny nose (different from the more obnoxious sinus discharge), to sneezing and other types of detox symptoms.  I won’t go too graphic on you because this is a family show and you also might be doing the “reading the Internet and eating multi-tasking thing.”

At any rate, one of the things I have to do after this session is to really drink a lot of water for a week afterward to assist the detoxing process.  Although I have been drinking more than average, I haven’t quite hit the 1 gallon/day in water.  – That is a lot of water!  I am drinking at least 1/2 gallon of water.  So hopefully with my diminutive nature, it will still be enough to be effective.

I have also noticed that my dreams seem to be a bit more vivid than in the past, more emotional based which is interesting and am not sure what to think of that.  Maybe I am detoxing emotionally as well too!  Sometimes we carry toxic thought patterns, (when I say toxic, I mean destructive) that cause us loss, lack and illness.  You know now that I think about it, I remember Gail, the owner who Energy Genesises herself all the time, saying that she almost won the lotto after a session she gave to herself.  It sounds like she cleared out an emotional thought pattern that opened herself up to more abundance.  I know almost winning the lotto can also bring you in some cash, if not the jackpot.

Since this technology works on the vibrational level, thoughts are vibrational patterns, and most of our thoughts are subconscious and we are not aware of them.  Persistent thought patterns create physical symptoms in our physical bodies (see Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” for more on what thoughts affect what on our bodies).  It seems like from my case and the owner’s case, your thoughts are also affected as well.  Many of our persistent thought patterns were developed when we were younger, that were created out of fear from misperceptions or from love out of being unconditional, are affecting our lives today.  The amount of struggle, and lack we experience in our lives gives us a heads up on how many of our persistent thoughts were developed from fear responses.  It seems like the EG machine may affect our thoughts at the subconscious level.  Remind me to cover this topic on another post.

After my session with good ole EG, I asked the owner a bit about the procedure.  When you are in the machine, you are exposed to lights of different frequencies, and to sounds in the form of music.  Each person who enters the machine will be exposed to the light frequencies and music that will directly address what they want to focus on for the day.  Certain frequencies in light and sound will have different affects on the physical body.  This has been proven scientifically with studies of test subjects listening to different kinds of music.  They found that their stress went up when the test subjects listened to heavy metal, and it went down when listening certain kinds of classical music.  The EG machine utilizes that concept, only to a much more sophisticated level than just lowering stress.   I didn’t have any specific thing I wanted to focus on that time so I just went with the general frequency exposure where I was exposed all of the frequency variations.

I will go in again and this time focus on a specific thing.  Like before, I will share the results here and please feel free to comment!

If you want to know more about what Energy Genesis is and want to find out more about what light & sound technology can do for you click the link!