Secrets of the Rich – Why are the Rich That Way?

Why are the rich so well off financially while the vast majority of society is struggling?  Why did the popular book The Secret not work for the majority of those that read it?  It wasn’t a hoax, it wasn’t something that was a bunch of BS that wasn’t real.  It was just missing, or not emphasizing some key elements that would have made the difference.

The key is, that you have to know that you are going to receive what it is that you are asking for, no matter how seemingly impossible it looks.  What most of us do is we base what we can have based on what is in front of us that we can interact with by using our 5 senses.  That is only .1% of the whole picture.  99.9% of the whole picture comes from beyond our 5 senses (that 6th or 7th sense).  Our thoughts and beliefs are what will keep us in line with creating what it is that we want.  When we begin to doubt, we push it away, and we have to start over again.  Doubting = the death of your dream.  That is why the techniques in The Secret didn’t work for many people.  They were erased by doubt, and the huge ingrained habits of negative thinking that we have all been programmed to approach life with.

Think about how many negative, self defeating thoughts you have on a daily basis?  The truth is, you are using The Secret, but you aren’t using it in a way that will give you what you love.  Keep track of the number of negative thoughts you have on a daily basis, and make a commitment to yourself to reduce it […]

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I’m Back to posting again – Boy Do I have a new Perspective!

Well, I’m back!

It’s been a while, but I have even more of a new perspective.  The one thing that I have really come to know is that no matter how much you think you know, there is always A LOT more that you don’t know.  And what I have come to know is that understanding, and KNOWING are really 2 different things.  You can understand something, but if you don’t do it, or aren’t living it, then you don’t really KNOW it then do you?

I hear so many times, people say “I already know that”.  So then I wonder “Then why aren’t you DOING it?”  If you hear yourself say that and you aren’t doing it. you u thank the messenger that shared  that piece of information with you again, as a part of you want’s to know, because you have heard it, but your ego part of you is pushing it away because it doesn’t want to deal with it.

The solution?  Don’t judge the messenger, and don’t judge yourself that you aren’t doing it, or a part of you is resisting it.  The more you let go of your judgments, the more your resistance falls away.

In any case, I’ll be speaking more about my adventures with The Choice Is Mine.  I also picked up something called “Your Wish Is Your Command” as well and have been listening to them as well.  Fascinating stuff.  I think the combo of them both is unstoppable.

Well, that’s it for now!

To Your Success!

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Experience of the 2009 ISSSEEM Conference

The 2009 ISSSEEM conference was indeed an interesting event.  I spent a lot of time volunteering for the event at the bookstore and had a chance to briefly speak to many of the presenters.  I was also able to attend the round table community discussion on the 29th with Deepak Chopra, Rustum Roy and Nisha Money.  This was a very interesting event because the discussion was about consciousness and how to raise the consciousness of the planet.

The thing that I realized the most was that I realized that through studying The Choice Is Mine over the last 2 years gave me a certain understanding of consciousness.  The basic discourse during the discussion was that all of our experiences, whether it be events, or objects, exixt purely in our consciousness.  The understanding developed from The Choice Is Mine is that we can change our experience, or reality at the snap of a finger because our reality exists in our consciousness.  If we don’t do it, it isn’t because we can’t, it’s because there is something that we are receiving out of what we are currently experiencing.  The quickest way to change it is to not judge what we are currently experiencing and allow ourselves to get out of the experience what we created to give ourselves.  The more we resist our creations, the more they persist and true change cannot take place.

So out of this whole event, I got a true understanding of that concept.  It moved from a knowing to a being.  Very, very powerful stuff!  The allowance of all things has taken a major shift.  The first thing I noticed is some physical effects.  Some chronic pains began reducing once I really began […]

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Economic Woes Cause Women To Feel Disempowered

…But that is not all!  In an article from the Associated Press, there is a growing trend the women who are experiencing harder times due to the economy, are resorting to working in the adult entertainment industry.  Even though the adult entertainment industry is also experiencing some effects from the economy, women can still earn a decent living by going topless.

What does this have to do with the topic of this blog?  It is about personal empowerment.  Looking at this trend unconditionally, without judging, are the women who are taking these jobs?  The come from all kinds of backgrounds and are willing to drastically change their job.  Are they truly empowering themselves?

Well, if they are working in the industry for the pure joy of it and they feel energized, empowered, and it is something they would do without pay, then they are in the joy of what they are doing, and they are empowering themselves.

If the women feel any form of judgement, blame, guilt or shame with their new profession, even if they are able to numb themselves to their own feelings, then they are dis-empowering themselves.  It doesn’t matter if it is “against” societies rules.  If you are truly in the joy of what you are doing, and it is what you came here to do, there is nothing external  that can make you feel any different.  If there is something external that has made you feel any different, then that feeling already resides within you.

This is why it is important now more than ever, for people to be able to empower themselves if they so choose and to not fall into the illusion that the economy is going to determine what kind […]

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A Self Coaching Perspective

This came up when someone asked me how I would coach someone from a personal development point of view.  What was interesting to me is that in reality, we all already have what we need to be able to take ourselves to the other side of an issue, it’s just that we don’t remember HOW anymore.  The key is not to become dependent upon outside people/things to do that process for us, but to get connected with the tools that can support us in being able to do that for ourselves so we can begin to remember to HOW.  The tools that would be most supportive would be tools that we could incorporate into our daily lives and be something we would use without thinking.

Anyway, I feel the goal of coaching is to coach the person into being their own coach.

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The Effect Of Emotions On Your Health

Yes, now science is backing up what most holistic practitioners have said all along, your emotions DO affect your quality of life. Now science has shown through the physical effects, how anger can affect your quality of life, to the point of ending your life!

So now it is more than ever it is important to control your emotions and how you chose to respond to situations. There are many resources out there that can support you in being able to live your life through healthy emotions as opposed to destructive emotions.
One resource that is extremely effective at really changing your emotions from anger to joy is called The Choice Is Mine. When you think about it, the choice is really yours when it comes to how you experience life.

Get The Choice Is Mine here.

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Anger really can kill you: study
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    Is There Really A Trade-Off Between Personal Freedom And Social Responsibility?

    There are a few articles on the trade-offs between personal freedom and social responsibility, which state that one must compromise between the two.  The more personal freedoms you have, the less socially responsible you are, and the more socially responsible you are, the less personal freedom you have.  In reality, it is actually the complete opposite.  The MORE personal freedom you have, the MORE socially responsible you are.  In fact, it is your personal duty to live as freely as you choose.

    How is this so you may ask?  It comes down to a change in the paradigm of how we view our place in the world we live in.  The paradigm used for this article is found in the cutting-edge personal transformational course, The Choice Is Mine.  One of the principles of this course states, “if it is honestly good for you, then it is honestly good for me”.   Using this principle, we can conclude that when you are unconditionally living the life you love, you are contributing to society at the highest level you can.  What can honestly be better for you than living what you love?  When you are living what you love, all those around you will benefit.

    Living what you love is the highest form of personal freedom.  When you are living what you love, you are being your true self and you are giving the gifts you were meant to share in this lifetime.  Just think of how sad is the situation where an individual isn’t living their life, but the life they think they should be living because of familial or societal self-induced pressures.  How sad is it that no one in this individual’s life gets to experience the […]

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    This summer I read the personal development course The Choice Is Mine

    I ran across this posting that I hadn’t posted yet.  So I thought I would post it!

    One of the most powerful things about this course is that if focuses on the subtleties on how to create the life you love.  This course is so effective, that I have seen everyone who goes through this course receive their highest priority.  It has allowed me to get my life back and to be able to be who I really am, and not who I thought I was supposed to be because others thought I should be that.  What I love the most is the understandings it has given me about myself and how I create my life.  This course taught me how to create my life through the love that already exists within me, so I can live what I love.  All there is, is love, and everything else is really the illusion we choose to carry along like old broken luggage.
    I feel as if this is the next generation of personal development because of how effective it is.  In fact, the author is in India right now because she was asked to share The Choice Is Mine with the Dalai Lama in a private audience.
    After reading this course, I have come to the understanding that:
    1) We are supposed to have an ego
    2) We already have everything we need to know and there is nothing to learn, only to remember
    3) There is no such thing as self-sabotage because we are always supporting our highest priority
    4) There is nothing to fix, we are already in our perfection in each and every moment
    5)  Being unconditionally responsible for who we are.

    These are just a few of the things.  I […]

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    The Power Of Your Gift When You Use It Through Love

    The monthly teleseminar on The Choice Is Mine that was held last night was very insightful and inspiring.  The topic was about how simple it is to change your life experiences simply by using your gift (the thing you came here to share with the world) through love instead of fear.   When you use your gift through love, your frustrations disappear and you will be able to play in life.  you ust be unconditionally responsible to use your love through the gift of you, and your willingness to think differently will change how you think, believe, and feel.  How do you do this?

    When you become unconditionally aware of your subconscious, you will then have the ability to consciously choose to do things differently.  IT requires consistent action to permanently make the changes that will support you living a life without struggle.  Using tools that will keep you out of the illusion that you are moving forward will greatly save time.  Some of these tools include:

    • Not judging yourself so you receive powerfully
    • releasing feelings of being wounded
    • uncovering hidden agendas
    • realizing and acting upon the truth that the power of moving forward quickly is in the subtleties

    One of the more powerful concepts covered was that it is not about learning anything new.  It is about remembering what you already know and have inside of you.

    That was the basic recap.  To know more about The Choice Is Mine, sign up for their teleseminars

    To get the course for yourself, go to The Choice Is Mine personal development course

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    To Have What You Want, You Must Take Action

    I just came back from a seminar on new media. You would think that this topic is about as far away from personal development as one could be. However, what was fascinating is that as with life and the way we live life, the principles are the same for success, no matter what area you are in…

    Ok, it’s not THAT fascinating. It is actually pretty basic. Those people who were successful at what they were doing were passionate and loved what they were doing. One of the more poignant moments during the event was at the end of the seminar where they had the big wigs on the panel sharing the secrets of their success. Their jobs didn’t feel like work to them. One of them even said that she would still do what she was doing even if she didn’t get paid.

    I would say that is true success…. When you do what you love and are able to earn enough to have the life you want to live. That IS true success!

    It is very possible to open yourself up to be able to live the life you love. However I believe that if there are subconscious beliefs you have that are keeping you from doing that, you will struggle until you become aware of what those subconscious beliefs are, and you will then be able to do something about them so your subconscious CAN support what it is you want in your life.

    And that brings us back to the title. All of the panelists and even everyone who presented said take action. Don’t fall into the analysis paralysis, and […]

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