the more you fight changeChange is a natural human process and is ever evolving. We change as we make new decisions. We also find that we are required to change as our situations and relationships change. Sometimes we hope others will change in ways we wish or expect and are disappointed when they don’t. We change as we passion new and improved ways to live happy, fulfilled, balanced and fruitful lives. From a passion to be more we invite change into our lives. When life appears to unravel unexpectedly it is because we are opposing and wanting to control the change in our mood by attempting to blame and judge what we misperceive and believe to be what triggered the unwelcome change.
“You cannot have an outside fix to and inside problem.” – Veronique
The need to adapt to changing circumstances can, at times, leave us feeling helpless, powerless, afraid, even hurt if we misperceive our circumstances that brought the change into existence. At the root of all discord, sometimes buried, yet still existing is unresolved misperceptions that create angry/fear based/hurt filled responses. If highly charged negative emotions are left unresolved they build upon themselves. Our minds then repeat thoughts in our head where negative beliefs build and continue to fester even more misunderstandings that leads us to feel that ‘change’ is a foe instead of a friend.
When one fully allows the situation that contained the ‘change’ in how we were feeling or our circumstances — without judgment, blame, guilt, or shame, — and instead we look for the purpose and good in what the ‘change in our mood or life circumstances brought to light, herein is where we realize ‘change’ can be our friend in stead of foe By asking questions instead of assuming through misperceptions, we are then able to rise above ‘change’ as the culprit that limits our happiness, health, and wealth into ‘change’ as a light of what can inspires us in the direction of being all we were meant to be.If we see change as a friend instead of a foe we will continue to ever grow to be emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually happy and successful in our own right. When ‘change’ is addressed unconditionally a deeper truth surfaces and evolves our ability to become consciously aware of how, in truth, we are influencing what we experience. When we remain unconditional with ourselves and others without becoming a doormat to others conditional responses to ‘change’, we empower ourselves and our lives.Allowing ‘change’, no matter how unpleasant it may appear to be purposeful enables you to become increasingly aware. This simple action opens you to know ‘change’ you must incorporate into your life so your world opens you to endless and boundless possibilities for happiness, and prosperity. When you – attach yourself to nothing, when you allow all things, when you be remain in the joy of discovery, and you have trust and faith that ‘change’ is a door that brings your vision of life… into life.

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Much Love and Many Blessings,


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – In a world where we are taught to conform from the time we are born, Veronique’s life path has become a symbol for individual expression and knowing a deeper truth beyond perceptions. She has repeatedly broke conventions with her innovated thinking, pioneering influence and philosophical wisdom that has remained undaunted by status quo or the hills and valleys within her life’s journey. Her uncompromising calling has inspired, one way or another, everyone she encounters. Her work and poetic style to transformation remains as a tribute to ‘love’ as the single factor which evolves a ‘vaguely conscious irreverent mind’ into a mind where reverence ‘to be all one can be’ by simply integrating the intuition with logic whereas you know your own unique and authentic self. Following no boundaries in her quest to create a better life for her children and herself, yet respecting purpose all along the way, Veronique found her gift which she uses to serve, inspire and guide through example… in a simple – how – love in innocence grants us a prolific life when living your meaning and purpos.