Mantras- What do you repeat to yourself to put you in an empowering space

This comes from a question in another site where a member was commenting about the power of Mantras and had shared her experience with mantras and the one she used.

I thought about that one and there is one that I use that puts me into a more empowering state but it isn’t your typical mantra from one of your eastern religion.  The mantra that I use is:

It is what it is, it is what it is, it is what it is.

I use this phrase when I experience any type of upset during my day.  Repeating this over and over again discharges the emotion that I may be having around the experience.  There almost isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use this phrase.  In fact, I used it several times today!

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Desires and Spirituality

Many people see spirituality as a sense of denying themselves anything of a physical nature.  I see it as we are here in a physical manifestation and while we are here, we might as well enjoy it.  Our enjoying the experience in this manifestation doesn’t diminish who we are as spiritual beings.  We are all things.  It is OK to have desires.  Desires allow us, to experience this dimension in all of its glory. We live in this world, so worldly pleasures are not ‘wrong’ to experience. If it was ‘wrong’ to experience them, we would be existing in a place where there are no worldly pleasures.

The confusion, in my humble opinion, is when we choose to DEFINE ourselves through our desires instead of EXPRESS ourselves through our desires.  This is where we lose our way because then we make life as originating from outside ourselves instead of inside ourselves.

So the next time you desire something, if it brings you joy, and it is honestly good for you, then by all means, express your beingness by experiencing that desire.  It won’t reduce your spirit, or make you less spiritual.  Life is here to be experienced, so experience away!

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The Missing Piece To Attracting What You Want

The missing piece to attracting what you want in your life is the understanding that we live in a physical world and that requires physical action – or doing.  When we receive an ah-ha, or an insight, what do we do with that?  Do we just think about it?  Do we process it over and over again?  Or do we DO something about it?  What action do we take with that ah-ha or insight that we have?  What do we begin doing differently at that moment?

One way to approach it is to accept what it is you have done up to this point has given you what you currently have.   Don’t judge yourself for it.  Stand in the unconditional responsibility that you are receiving exactly what you want, whether it is conscious or not.  If it is NOT what you consciously want, determine what you are getting out of the situation and once you understand that piece, you can choose differently.  When you choose differently, you do differently.

It is in the doing that gives us what we want, but we can’t get that until we know what it is that we need to do differently.  We can’t know what to do differently until we understand what it is that we are getting out of the current situation we are in.  Ask yourself the questions and allow your intuition to give you the answers.  Don’t judge the answers you get, and then decide if you really want change in your life or you are actually satisfied with what you are receiving from your current situation.  Whatever you decide, stand in the knowing that this is what you […]

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What Do You Passion, and How Does that Affect the Law Of Attraction?

In last night’s teleseminar, we had a question that basically said “what is keeping me from having what I want even though I am doing all of the things the books tell me to do, such as affirmations, positive thoughts, etc.?”

That is was a powerful question for me because I have myself wanted to achieve something and went through all of the  usual “excercises” and I didn’t receive anything that I had “written down”.  So I knew something else was at work, I just didn’t know what it was.

The call went over a few concepts that keep us from having what we want that were very powerful.  The first one was to look at what you currently have.  If you are currently getting something out of the situation and you have what you want, then your subconscious mind doesn’t support you because it sees you as already having what you ask for.  We are always living our highest priority subconsciously, so if we have obtained a goal, then it is up to us to change that goal at our subconscious level so we can allow our subconscious to work for us.

Another concept that we discussed that could keep us from having what we want was “do we passion what it is that we want?”  Is emotion involved or is it purely an intellectual exercise?  You cannot create on intellectual thought alone, it must be fueled by passion.  Passion is the ingredient that brings our dreams to life, and it is the gateway to opening ourselves up to live our lives in joy as we experience our journey in each and every moment.  It is the journey that is […]

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Teleseminar – The Key To Living Your Joy

You are in for a special treat on Tuesday May 13th!

We will be covering the distinction between being your True Self and the responsibility of that True Self. How many times have we said to ourselves “if only I didn’t have to do THIS, I would be doing THAT”, or “If I could do it all over again, I would really be doing what I love, which is …..”? In this teleseminar, we will be discussing how actually living true to who you are can open up doors and move beyond existing through ‘fear’ and living through ‘love’.

Join us this Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern Time on the teleseminar where you will find out how we can live the life of our dreams by creating what we know and love, instead of what we think we should do out of any imagined obligation.

Do you have a specific question about how to move into living your true self, or how your living your true self can open you up to life’s abundance?

You can ask your questions when you register and it may be answered during the teleseminar. There will be a few lucky individuals who will get their questions answered during this live event.

Submit your question and register for this powerful personal transformation seminar .

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True Inner Intent Always Equals Outcome – Personal Responsibility

This key is important in assisting you to become unconditionally responsible with your life. If there is something you are not liking in your life, and you consistently claim that you don’t want it and are doing all you can to change it, well, if whatever it is is still occurring, then there is some belief inside of you that has created this situation for you to experience, for whatever reason. A good example is when someone says they hate their current living conditions and the constant struggle for money in their lives. When you look at this situation unconditionally and responsibly, then you could say that there is a reason that this person is living in constant struggle for money in their lives. It is because for some reason, that is their highest priority to experience struggle in their lives. It doesn’t make it right or wrong, it just is what it is. When that individual realizes that they are just experiencing their highest priority, and not judging their highest priority (such as calling themselves stupid, or worthless, etc.), they can then make the decision to do something different because they are now conscious of what they are doing and are willing to do something about it.

Another important thing to remember is to not judge your current situation, but accept it as perfect in the moment and know that all things are temporary (this too shall pass). In judgment, you cannot move into a new way of being because your judgment locks you into your current state of being. Be in the joy of now and set yourself free.

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The 12 Keys To Getting What You Want In Your Life

These 12 keys are vital to being able to change conditional thoughts in to unconditional thoughts. The way these keys are used is whenever you experience any upset throughout your day, you intuitively pick one of these keys and repeat it over and over again until the emotion you are experiencing with the upset dissipates. To find more information about how to use the keys and more description and meaning behind them, go to The Choice Is Mine.
First Key: Knowing the Pure and Divine Ego
Second Key: The Distinction Between Being your true ’Self ’ & the Responsibility of being the true ‘Self.’
Third Key: Remember What I Have Forgotten Within Myself and I Have no Life Lessons
Forth Key: What Is Honestly Good for Me, Is Honestly Good for You – We are One
Fifth Key: The Reflection of Self from Others
Sixth Key: True Inner Intent Always Equals Outcome
Seventh Key: No Right or Wrong, No Lesser or greater Simply, ‘It Is What It Is’
Eighth Key: Look for the Purpose; Look for the Good
Ninth Key: Be Light Hearted in Everything I Do Because it is in the Love of Me
Tenth Key: Apply Each of the Keys to Life Consistently and Repeatedly
Eleventh Key: Using My free will through Unconditional Love and Responsibility, Blessings are Endless.
Twelfth Key: I am the creator of my thoughts, feelings, actions, and ultimately my experiences.

copyright 2008 Veronique

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I Am That I Am – Really, The Reflection of Self From Others

I was reading another persons blog today and they spoke about an incident she had with another person… Apparently the other person was rather irate with her and wasn’t willing to solve the problem through discussion.  As she was reflecting on this incident, she related to the moses code “I am that, I am”, and how she was able to say that she was this person and had been this person several times in her life.  She said this allowed her to see the other person with more compassion because she has been in their place before.

I would like to take that a step further….  Life is a reflection of you, just as others are.  When you are experiencing anything from another person, they are a mirror to what is going on within yourself.  At that moment, you can choose to be unconditionally responsible for what you are putting out into the world (see that the other person is really reflecting what is going on within yourself), or put it all on the other person.

This point of view empowers you because it allows you to see where you are being conditional in your life, and you now have the awareness, and thus power to change it into something that will be more supportive of what you want in your life.  Does it mean being a doormat for others to spew all over you?  No, everyone has to be responsible for their actions, but it does mean that you have to see what it is that you are putting out into the world, and how you are being in the world, if you want to be  unconditionally responsible and live as a conscious and abundant […]

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Resistance and the law of attraction

What you resist persists. That is true in all areas of our lives including emotions. When we are resisting an emotion, we enable it to get stronger and stronger. The need at allow it to pass without resistance becomes important or we will recreate the emotion again.

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When experiencing a negative emotion, recognize it is an opportunity to grow into observing that emotion and avoid fuel ing that energy. Let fear, anger or whatever you are feeling that is negative fade by allowing the energy of your true being to flow. Taking a deep breath and on the exhale say I Am That and on the inhale say I Am and add peace, joy, gratitude or another attribute of our true self that is perfect for the moment. For example: I Am That, I Am grateful I Am That, I Am prosperous […]

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Another Comment on The Moses Code Movie

This clip is from an article by Wendy Garrett and her comments on The Moses Code. She made a comment about what exists with us and I would like to expand on that.

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As as an Intuitive, I call it birthing. You cannot create that which does not exist within you. That statement levels no judgment. We create all that we can envision and all that which we can elevate our ability to fathom; and from that ensuing creation and mis-creation, we all evolve.

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