I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about power and what that really means.  This friend is a very wise individual who I think has uncovered the recipe of life.  In any respect, I was talking about an article i read about sex trafficking and sex slaves.  The article said that in these cases, the people who participate in such activities, have a sense of power over the sex slaves, and see them as objects.  Having the feeling of ‘power’ over the sex slave makes them feel very important.

The truth is, that no one really has power over you.  In the current moment, it may seem like there are others who are in a position of power over you.  In that case certain aspects it would be true (meaning they have control over you physically in the moment.  The one thing that no one has control over, is the thoughts that you think and how you perceive a situation.  The power is that what you think about most, you will eventually receive.  If you are in a situation where it seems hopeless, then focusing on the hopelessness, will change nothing.  Focusing on what you want to change and feeling how you will feel in that new situation will change your situation.  This is why no one ultimately has power over anyone.  As you increase in your personal growth, you will begin to see truth of this example.