When you consistently live through the integrity of keeping to yourself, you are empowered through your gifts which enables you to live your birthrights just as consistently. You can have ‘exactly’ what you asked for, you just can not manipulate through any means from where, how or from whom you will receive what you need, want or desire. Only God knows the best means, way or with whom your life can best unfold so your heart and soul can empower you to use your God-given gifts. When you listen through an open heart and mind your intuition will guide you to right actions. Through right actions you will receive your birthrights which ultimately is for the highest good of all. What lessens or fades your ability to consistently use your gifts in order to fully live your birthrights is when you live through any level of anger /fear or upsets blatant or repressed (we will expand on this subject later in this material).  To regain the full use of these gifts you must start with trusting yourself. Even if you feel your trust and faith have been greatly diminished or lacking, realize there is some part of you that is already trusting in yourself because you were guided to this material. Somehow you knew there was ‘something’ within these pages that is especially here for you.

So just relax and enjoy the ride. The purpose of this material is to provide you step-by-step guidance in HOW to reclaim the full and absolute power within your God-given gifts. Before they can be fully restored and completely effective in supporting you in receiving your birthrights, which in turn will support you in reaching goals and aspirations more easily, you must make a commitment ‘to yourself’ to never give up ‘on yourself’. To always, no matter the perceived obstacles continue using your God-given gifts in the purity of their innocence, you then remain free from judgment, blame, guilt or shame. We will expand upon these limiting mindsets later, here we only want to introduce that they effect your ability to live fully and completely through your gifts.  Also, when you use anger/fear or upsets, in anyway, shape or form, to justify not fulfilling a commitment, you are ‘not’ using your God-given gifts in their innocence. Using your gifts in their innocence will ultimately allow you to easily fulfill any commitment you make no matter the circumstances.

To maintain the innocence of your gifts, you must create a no excuse commitment with yourself to uphold your God-given gifts. A no excuse commitment will never be diminished by any circumstances instead it supports you in living through your purpose of being all you were meant to be, and all you were meant to give and receive from life. This brings us to the first tool we are providing you: A contract that you make ‘with yourself’ that you will live through the honor of your gifts (the blamelessness of love, absolute trust, undying faith, the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning through the miracle of your intuition and your individual uniqueness, all of which you came to share). This personal commitment will assist you in clarifying your focus of attaining an unlimited life through unconditional love over living a limited life by holding onto conditional anger/fear or upsets. With a focus of keeping your word, you will rise above any adversity while it keeps you on track of building a rewarding life of purpose, happiness, fulfillment, freedom and abundance, all of which are your God-given birthrights. This material provides a step-by-step system, so in the shortest time possible, you realize how truly unlimited you are in your abilities to create an unlimited life. This happens by building your awareness in how to more simply reclaim, ‘in their innocence’, any of your gifts that you thought may have been lost, buried or forgotten.