This article gives a very different spin on personal development and the barriers that we all face within ourselves.  This goes beyond your usual “belief systems”, which can seem kind of daunting, and focuses on things that are within our grasp.  Read on for more about what I am talking about.

The biggest barrier to Personal Growth and Professional Development is ONE answer… THINKING that ONE person, ONE thought, ONE word, ONE action can’t make a difference.

ONE “can and will” make a difference through a simple rule… living through grace… through God, by being accountable and responsible in your free will choice to empower your life through positive/supportive thoughts, words and actions. Being congruent in your thoughts, words and actions is a “way to be” that transmits support to your subconscious mind that enables you to receive your goals through specified actions that produce various degrees of success that builds upon itself from “you” simply doing onto others as you would have them do unto you… without taking on another’s responsibility. This ONE action teaches your subconscious mind how to have the trust and faith that ONE person, ONE thought, ONE word, ONE action can make a difference! How do you do access and connect to your trust and faith so you know that ONE can make a difference?

1) Be accountable and responsible for the change you want to experience.

Being accountable through sincere exchanges allows the power of “ONE” to unfold through a sequence of events which begin forming and building upon themselves. It doesn’t matter how you choose to make a difference. This choice, no matter how large or small, gradually reinforces your subconscious mind to allow what you want to unfold to come to you in “its” timing… by you… being ready “to be” responsible for it. Then, somehow, someway what is already there for you will arrive because you… simply allowed… your goals to gradually become a self prophesy fulfilled by being accountable and responsible for what you want.

2) Get out of your own way.

HOW do you get out of your own way when same old appears to be recreating itself? By trusting that even how absurd your choices may have appeared in the past, allowing yourself to grow from them by not judging or resisting reality as the keeper of truth, and allowing reality… no matter how bleak it appears, to become the propellant for positive change.

3) Begin by standing where you stand.

Whether you want to initiate a change in your home life, in your workplace or if your ideals take you into a worldwide initiative to end world hunger, poverty, abuse, or disease begin by being responsible for taking “your” first step, whatever that “ONE” step would be… simply begin by allowing where your are in the moment to be your first step. Use what you have available RIGHT NOW for you to take that first step, then take it. The Susan B. Komen Foundation has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to support the end of breast cancer. It has become the worldwide leader to find a cure for this disease. All this good for the world started with “ONE” request to “ONE” person who took “ONE” action.

4) Remember how important you really are.

ONE is simply the most important number! Don’t ever forget how very important you are! You can make a difference every day – ONE way or another. You effect your world and the world of others through either the negative or positive choices that you make. It takes the same amount of time to make a positive difference through “grace filled experiences”, like random acts of kindness, as it does to make a negative difference by thrusting thoughts of judgment, blame, guilt or shame into the world. It only takes a small act of grace to turn someone’s day from truly awful to truly awesome. Change the “world” of those whose paths you cross by knowing that every single word, every single action counts… together, as ONE projection they create a ripple effect that can be felt no matter the distance.

When you choose to establish a belief system that “ONE” positive act can make a difference, this knowing creates a powerful internal effect- “ONE” of good feelings and service in the form of grace given through respect and gratitude to others.

5) Think differently… turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Thinking differently by directing your words and actions to encourage another… ONE word… ONE action changes everything. You change the “world” of a fellow worker, friend or family member who you encourage after a tough and or an emotional day. You change the “world” of a client whose problem you handled in a hassle-free compassionate manner. You change the “world” of an over stressed leader by sending them a note of appreciation and gratitude. You change the “world” of anyone when you ask them about themselves, their family or their pet.

Make a difference in the “world” by being the ONE who is FOR and not against anything. Find ways of being for Freedom not against War, any war. Those conflicts that are fought in the battlefields or in the mind when a negative defeating attitude takes over. You can harness your power of “ONE” if you simply: catch “one” negative thought and turn it into a positive “ONE”, think of “ONE” thing for which you are grateful at the beginning of each day, keep on moving “ONE” step at a time when you experience adversity, help “ONE” friend, “ONE” family member or “ONE” colleague during a time when you think you need help. End the battles that begin in the mind, “ONE” moment to the next. Allow yourself to grow into the absolute knowing that happiness never decreases when shared. “ONE” step builds your awareness that “THE BUCK STOPS HERE” with “ONE” individual who is willing to commit to… the power found in “ONE”.






IT’S UP to you… be the “ONE”!


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