…But that is not all!  In an article from the Associated Press, there is a growing trend the women who are experiencing harder times due to the economy, are resorting to working in the adult entertainment industry.  Even though the adult entertainment industry is also experiencing some effects from the economy, women can still earn a decent living by going topless.

What does this have to do with the topic of this blog?  It is about personal empowerment.  Looking at this trend unconditionally, without judging, are the women who are taking these jobs?  The come from all kinds of backgrounds and are willing to drastically change their job.  Are they truly empowering themselves?

Well, if they are working in the industry for the pure joy of it and they feel energized, empowered, and it is something they would do without pay, then they are in the joy of what they are doing, and they are empowering themselves.

If the women feel any form of judgement, blame, guilt or shame with their new profession, even if they are able to numb themselves to their own feelings, then they are dis-empowering themselves.  It doesn’t matter if it is “against” societies rules.  If you are truly in the joy of what you are doing, and it is what you came here to do, there is nothing external  that can make you feel any different.  If there is something external that has made you feel any different, then that feeling already resides within you.

This is why it is important now more than ever, for people to be able to empower themselves if they so choose and to not fall into the illusion that the economy is going to determine what kind of life they can live.  It is very imporant to not fall into illusion.  The less you are in illusion, the more you can change your reality.  The illusion for those women, who have some form of judgment about what they are doing by going topless to make ends meet, is that this is the only thing they can do.

Pushing your feelings aside because it pays good is making it about the money.  Making it about the money does not produce long lasting financial results at all.  If going topless is something they would do without pay because they are in the joy of doing it, well then they are doing it for the money, and the financial results are long lasting.

2 similar actions and 2 different results….  It’s all about if you are in the love of what you are doing or not.  Being in the love of what you are doing is what is empowering.

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