What It Means to Truly Be Unconditional.

In this weeks podcast, the host shares an experience she had while she was in India.  She talks about how she truly came to the knowing – not just the intellectual understanding, but the knowing of understanding the statement that was shared with her years ago by a Master.

That statement was:

“When you are able to look upon the bloodened baby (baby that was beat), and the one who bloodened the baby (beat the baby) with the same compassion, then you will know what I know, and you will know God”

Listen in to get the rest of this enlightening episode.

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Managing your time – part 2

This show is a continuation of last weeks show and is more on managing your time as well as managing your life.  Time management is really all in the mind and all in your priorities and how you create your experiences.  We are powerful creators and we create the time we have in our lives.  Listen in for more of this powerful show.

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Teleseminar results

Wow,  That teleseminar on Tuesday was amazing!   Veronique answered 2 questions with the depth and insight that I hadn’t seen in a while.  I read the stuff all the time and I still learned something.  In fact, this went so well, that I want everyone who is on the list to hear the teleseminar.  Usually we sell these but this time, I am going to make it available for everyone on this website.

Before you listen to the call, I want you to suspend your knowledge.   If you hear something you may have heard before, don’t say “I know that” or “I do that”.  The power of this teleseminar is in the subtleties.  The subtleties that will be missed when you say “I know that”.  Open you mind and allow yourself to fully receive.

Listen in and enjoy this tele-class.

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What are your barriers to personal growth and what is holding you back?

In this episode, you will discover what is holding you back from getting what you want and what may be some of the barriers to your own personal growth.  Listen to this exciting episode on what is keeping you down from achieving the life you want to live.  The exciting thing about this is there are tools out there that can help you discover that in much less time than years and years.  Once you discover it, you also have tools to overcome what it is that is keeping you back.

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True Intent Equals Outcome Always

Your current conditions indicate what your true intent was. Your true intent today will create your outcome tomorrow. Reality is the keeper of truth and if you are not receiving what you say you want, then you are in truth, not wanting what you say you want. Look to your perception of love because that is the true indicator of how you allow your self to give and receive.

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