The monthly teleseminar on The Choice Is Mine that was held last night was very insightful and inspiring.  The topic was about how simple it is to change your life experiences simply by using your gift (the thing you came here to share with the world) through love instead of fear.   When you use your gift through love, your frustrations disappear and you will be able to play in life.  you ust be unconditionally responsible to use your love through the gift of you, and your willingness to think differently will change how you think, believe, and feel.  How do you do this?

When you become unconditionally aware of your subconscious, you will then have the ability to consciously choose to do things differently.  IT requires consistent action to permanently make the changes that will support you living a life without struggle.  Using tools that will keep you out of the illusion that you are moving forward will greatly save time.  Some of these tools include:

  • Not judging yourself so you receive powerfully
  • releasing feelings of being wounded
  • uncovering hidden agendas
  • realizing and acting upon the truth that the power of moving forward quickly is in the subtleties

One of the more powerful concepts covered was that it is not about learning anything new.  It is about remembering what you already know and have inside of you.

That was the basic recap.  To know more about The Choice Is Mine, sign up for their teleseminars

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