Wow!  That was a powerful teleseminar we had on Tuesday the 9th, and those of you who weren’t able to make it, we did record it.

To briefly recap, we discussed the answers to some of the questions that were presented and we also discussed the meaning of the esteemed self and self esteem.

Some of the really key points that get you to pause in your thinking are the relationship between truth and resistance.  If we are experiencing an event in our lives where we are reacting or making excuses, and not standing in the unconditional responsibility of the experience, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to receive some insight which will helps us discover the truth.  The truth is what is motivating us to do the things we do.  As long as we are not conscious of our motivations, we cannot do things differently if we are not happy with our current situation.

We also discussed the answer to a question someone had about money and if they had money could they not be spiritual.  It’s not having the money that  makes you not spiritual, it’s the idolization of money that gets in your way.  You may need a large amount of money in your life to be able to serve those around you in the best way that you know how.  You are always supported in your highest priority.

We also discussed the term ‘self esteem’ and how that sets up a conflict in our subconscious mind because of the duality of definitions these two words create together in this way.  As we use these words in our communication with ourselves and others, it affects how we create our reality.  We did a cool excercise where we could see how both of the terms ‘self estem’ and ‘esteemed self’ was experienced in our body.

The underlying concept of the topic in the teleseminar is that  we can choose our experiences based upon what we choose, which is either fear or love.

I’m not doing the entire teleseminar justice, I would need to listen to it again to be able to provide even more  insight to what was said on the teleseminar.  If we make the recording available, I will let everyone know if you are on the mailing list.

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