This is part 3 of this article on the kind of mindset you require to make the most in both your personal development

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and professional development, it that is something you are interested in growing into.  This last piece of the article talks about courage and wisdom and how these two characteristics assist in getting faster growth with your professional and personal development path.

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COURAGE Found in Your Passion/Commitment: Courage is the inner passion, a drive to progress regardless of the perceived difficulty. Actions are “preceded” by the strength of your words. Words are “preceded’ by the courage found in your inner passion. All combined creates your experiences. For the purpose of this three part article we are going to discuss the Strength of your words, the Courage found in your passion and Wisdom found in reality as the keeper of truth… how this ties into you becoming aware of how your perception of love is at your core. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you MUST STEP FORWARD and meet the requirements of the time, of “your” current situation through competence. Competence describes MORE than just skills and knowledge. Competence represents anything that improves your ability to perform, including your knowledge, skills, relationships, resourcefulness, processes, systems and information. Building your competence boosts your confidence. Building competence requires courage…courage to face the reality through facts. Seek honest feedback based on reality as the keeper of truth. Then, be ready for what you might hear and be prepared to make changes that might feel uncomfortable, yet it will build your competence. Regardless of whether your time is now or in some future moment, being ready supports the “courage” to take the required actions, the steps necessary however large or small in what you MUST do to move forward. When you more forward… even through the path of what may be your “own inner resistance” to change, you gain the “courage” necessary for being the best you ever through your personal accountability in building your competence.

“Same old same old creates same old same old.”- Veronique

“To be whatever you want to be that’s the wonder of the human spirit. To accomplish your dreams is the power found in the human will. To trust oneself by going beyond what limits becomes the passion from in the courage to succeed.” -Veronique

WISDOM Gained From Reality as the Keeper of Truth: Another key factor to success personally and professionally is discovering and facing REALITY as the keeper of truth, “wisdom” in a nut shell. Wisdom is simple truths. Wisdom is choosing the purity of truth over popularity. Reality can be defined as “the truth” – the real nature of something – the FACTS unaltered by perception or misunderstanding. Choosing to search for truth is wise, having the courage to confront the hard realities will pay dividends. You’ll find the road to success a little straighter, the challenges less overwhelming and fewer surprises along the way when you allow yourself to grow from reality as the keeper of truth. Using the strength of your words forms the reality of your opportunities and the reality of developing a refined understanding or appreciation that supports solutions to the most challenging problems. You know you are getting to the real wisdom… the simple truths, when you can glean nuggets of wisdom from common sense principles such as:

NO MATTER WHAT: be accountable and responsible for how you feel and what you want.

DON’T SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRE: give beyond the expected.

LIVE UP TO YOUR WORD: it is all you have that defines you.

ABOVE MONEY: hold tightly to your values… don’t let money lessen your integrity.

SEE FEEL TRUST KNOW: set attainable goals, envision their growth, keep moving forward no matter what, take positive action moment by moment… know what you focus on will eventuality create.

STAND WHERE YOU STAND: focus on what you can be responsible for, let go of control or manipulating others to get what you want… invest your energy in what you have command over.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: and your power lives in your thoughts, your words, your actions… become consciously aware of how you are using these keys to create through.

ALLOW: Missing the mark, often referred to as “mistakes” are opportunities to gain wisdom from your circumstances and move forward. When you, miss the mark IE: make a mistake, don’t look back at it for long. Grow from the situation and move forward with STRENGTH – COURAGE – WISDOM.

Although the past cannot be changed; how you shape your future moment to moment is still in your hands. – Veronique

(It’s always good to reread so our mind can fully absorb the empowering suggestions to be successful.)

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