Yesterday, I saw the movie “The Moses Code” . I had heard it was “The Secret 2”, and although I had never seen the movie The Secret, I was interested in what this movie was about. One of the complaints about The Secret was that it focused on material things, such as “I want to make this much money” or “I want that type of car”. I can’t really add my own comments because I haven’t seen the movie.

The movie started out and had my interest….. What was the code that was lost to humankind for thousands of years? And then we were told what the code was…. It’s not what you might think. I’ll leave you in suspense…

In any rate, by the end of the film, I felt that it wasn’t as interesting as “What the Bleep” because it was a series of people speaking. Some of the people who were at the viewing felt like they were being lectured to. The movie was only an hour long, and with that format, you wouldn’t want it to be much longer. It ended at just the right time because I was just about ready to lose interest in the movie as I felt like I was hearing the same message over again.

Some points I feel where the movie missed out, or could have incorporated.

  1. Their presentation of the Ego in relation to the rest of us. – The ego was presented as the thing that gets in our way in terms of expereincing God. It was something that we have to control and keep in check. Well, we are supposed to have an ego. It is a part of us like our heart and soul are. The problem isn’t about keeping the ego in check, it’s about keeping the ego in balance. The difference is that with the former, it is coming from a fear based place, that the ego is something that we have to fear, so we have to “control” it so it doesn’t get out of hand. With the later, it is coming from a place of love, where we respect and honor the ego so we want to keep it in balance so it can play the role in our lives that it was supposed to play…. being our uniqueness. The Ego can be out of balance just like our heart can be out of balance, or our soul can be out of balance. Any of these things that our out of balance can get in our way in terms of experiencing God, not just the ego.
  2. Either the movie missed the main point, or it was covered in the way it was presented and I didn’t pick it up, but where I feel that they wanted to go with the movie was that in the end, it is all about being love. When you are being love, you don’t see separation, you know your purpose, you are supported by the universe, etc. I feel the movie spent so much time on the intermediate steps, that the main point was easily lost.
  3. When you are being unconditional, you experience ease, grace, and abundance. When you are being conditional, you experience loss, lack and illness. A few of the people that were interviewed were expressing their opinions from a conditional framework, and I felt that that took away from some of the power of the movie. An example was one of the speakers was talking about why does someone need 4 cars…. and then admits to having 80 pairs of shoes! A perfect example of judging someone else and therefore judging yourself. I feel that in it’s sense to differentiate itself from the Secret and not being materialistic, it went in the other direction and became conditional (judgmental). Judgments also bring you loss, lack and illness. In terms of why would someone need 4 cars, they may require that support from the universe so that they can serve in the highest way that they can (another key point in the movie – serving or giving). Just like that speaker may require 80 pairs of shoes because that supports her in being able to serve in the best way that she can.

Those were just a few of the things that came up with the movie. All and all, it was inspiring, and I feel that those that liked “What the Bleep” will get something out of this, and also maybe those that saw “The Secret” will as well.

Just my experiences…. Please feel free to share yours!

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