We are all born with a guidance system that steers us around the rocks and the troubled waters that lie in our path and it is powerful and perfect in it’s ability to support us in living a life of grace and ease.  How many people do you know that you don’t think are all that “intelligent” who seem to be “lucky” at the right place and time?  Their lives just seem to work and for the life of you, you can’t figure out why!

Well, that is the answer…  they aren’t figuring anything out.  They are using their intuition to guide them because they have found over the years that using their intuition brings them better results than using their brain.  Even if they are not conscious of this.  If many of the millionaires had used their intuition, they may not have got caught up in the Maddoff scandal.  Their intuition would have told them not to invest…. Even if it was through another company that ended up investing with Maddoff’s fund.

Listen in to HOW your intuition keeps you out of trouble and HOW you can rely on it more and more.