Teleseminar – The Key To Living Your Joy

You are in for a special treat on Tuesday May 13th!

We will be covering the distinction between being your True Self and the responsibility of that True Self. How many times have we said to ourselves “if only I didn’t have to do THIS, I would be doing THAT”, or “If I could do it all over again, I would really be doing what I love, which is …..”? In this teleseminar, we will be discussing how actually living true to who you are can open up doors and move beyond existing through ‘fear’ and living through ‘love’.

Join us this Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern Time on the teleseminar where you will find out how we can live the life of our dreams by creating what we know and love, instead of what we think we should do out of any imagined obligation.

Do you have a specific question about how to move into living your true self, or how your living your true self can open you up to life’s abundance?

You can ask your questions when you register and it may be answered during the teleseminar. There will be a few lucky individuals who will get their questions answered during this live event.

Submit your question and register for this powerful personal transformation seminar .

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Another Comment on The Moses Code Movie

This clip is from an article by Wendy Garrett and her comments on The Moses Code. She made a comment about what exists with us and I would like to expand on that.

clipped from www.americanchronicle.com

As as an Intuitive, I call it birthing. You cannot create that which does not exist within you. That statement levels no judgment. We create all that we can envision and all that which we can elevate our ability to fathom; and from that ensuing creation and mis-creation, we all evolve.

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    How To Thrive In Today’s Economy

    This last episode dealing with the ego goes into bringing it back into balance and how a balanced ego can allow us to thrive in todays economy. No matter what is going on, a balanced ego will allow us to weather the storm of any economic troubles that may be occurring in the moment.


    Perception of Love verses True Love

    If my core is love, “Where,” I asked “could any cycle of conditional
    fear-based reactions to life experiences possibly be coming

    This question evolved into this empowering awareness.
    Anger/fear/upsets births when you think you are NOT able to
    give or receive according to your personal conditional perception
    and subconscious understanding of what you think is love.
    Upset of any kind can not be created in love. Love just is and
    has no conditions around its existence. Upsets occurs because
    every human being lives by and through love alone, therefore if
    our conditional perception of love is being threatened, anger/
    fear/upsets go off like warning bells and red flags because you
    think you have to fight to the end to hang on to what you think
    is love.

    Understanding how you formed this inner and outer conditional
    perception of love—opens you to revealing your subconscious
    beliefs that hold you back from receiving sooner rather than later.
    These are the beliefs which create conditionally or
    unconditionally your life experiences. Conditionally you receive
    loss, lack, upset, struggle and illness. Unconditionally your
    receive grace, ease and abundance. It simply is what it is.
    LOVE JUST IS… BECAUSE YOU ARE. Perceptions or
    determinations of needing, or wanting to define love and place
    it tightly and ever so neatly in a controlled thinking box ends up
    in various degrees of being conditional. Over time, you will
    become more mindful in how your perception of love guides
    each choice you make.

    Have fun and laugh at what you will discover.

    Upset only keeps conditions in place. The truth of love is simple.

    Love is not definable. It is way beyond definition. Thank God for
    that because without definition, love is allowed to remain whole,
    never ‘fragmented’ in a BILLION pieces of what is expected.
    Indefinable, it is allowed to simply be love. Its guiding light
    allows you to remember your individual uniqueness, your […]