Written by B. Davis

Although this article is available to anyone, yet only those who have purchased THE CHOICE IS MINE 2 volume course can really relate to it in an more empowering way. The reason is they know and have read these keys and now just are requiring a few ideas to apply them to their own lives. We again would strongly encourage all to purchase this course and really be able to participate and get something stronger out of these articles. Although Veronique’s words are strong and THE CHOICE IS MINE is a innovative and powerful tool to help guide all of you in the everlasting and abundance-filled life, these articles will not be her words, but a relational tool to help you better understand how to conquer her strength. Each article will pertain to a different key and will help you walk through the steps of completing THE CHOICE IS MINE, and either enhancing or beginning your new life today.

One of the groundbreaking factors THE CHOICE IS MINE brings to its readers, are the Twelve Keys. Each Key represents something that we are subconsciously aware of in life, but not really fully consciously aware of. For example, we may realize we do certain things to others or to ourselves, but we never really realize how much these things can affect our lives. One of these “things” in particular is our ego. The first Key that Veronique talks about is called “Knowing the Pure and Divine Ego.” Veronique translates this into “How I see the completeness of me by knowing and allowing self wholly to enable yourself to graciously serve others.” This relates to argumentation put on within our egos and us. When we put our altered egos aside, or use our ego through our innocence pure- we no longer judge. This is something Veronique feels strongly about and wants to ensure in all of us. She divides this specific key into three subheadings. They include:

  • How the ego “fell from the grace” of being united with the heart and soul.
  • How you can be “all of who you are meant to be” when you unify the heart, soul, and ego as one.
  • The ego as it “will be” if nurtured through being love versus fearing it through conditions.

We are supposed to have our ego. Trying to get rid of the ego is like trying to get rid of our lungs. The question is “do we want to express our ego through love or fear?” Our altered egos (our ego expressed through fear) can sometimes take over whom we really are. We know we are expressing through fear, any level of fear when we react or become upset with what we think is said or what we perceive is happening. ANY RESPONSE through upset comes from some fear. If we deny this remain in same old old old even if we attempt to change outward appearances. In any relationships, intimate or not, we become defensive when we disagree on something. Our altered egos take the best of us. It’s hard to “agree to disagree” and leave it at that. We always want to be right, and we want to be told it. We don’t want to look like fools and we want to make a point. Why is it that we can’t just admit someone else is right and not feel any loss? It is because we programmed ourselves to think a certain way and do certain things. Although Veronique’s words may not come right out and say this, this is another way to think about it while you are trying to find it in yourself.

Veronique talks about our main fears, which include: judgment, blame, guilt, shame, etc. The list is endless and she even includes a list of “frequently used words” that can belittle others and us. If we take away these feelings, what are we left with? If we move into our pure and divine ego and release any judgment we may have on others, or ourselves what are we changing about ourselves? Take these next couple weeks and think about how you can live through your pure and divine ego. Add more of an unconditional way of being in your life and watch how much better you feel about yourself and how much more respect others will give you. This is one of the first steps to completing the new you.

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