Well now that the election is over with and we have our new commander in chief, I would like to reflect upon what we must keep in mind and keep focused about.  This blog and the material in The Choice Is Mine is all about being unconditionally responsible for your thoughts, words, actions and emotions.   To be unconditionally responsible means you hold yourself accountable to these things without judging yourself.  If you had an emotional outburst, or did something to someone that wasn’t truly kind, then you do what you can to rebalance the situation without judging yourself, the situation or the other person.  “It is what it is” and move forward from that point on, because each moment is a new experience and each moment, you have the opportunity to do things differently.

It also means that we are the creators of our experiences and we don’t hold others accountable for the way our lives are.  If we don’t like the way things have turned out in our lives, we turn inwards for the answers and not outwards.  It doesn’t mean that we do it all by ourselves, because we are all interconnected, yet it does mean that we are responsible for bringing to us the help that is required in whatever way, shape and form it comes in.

How does this relate to the election?  Well we as a nation have chosen a path that requires us to be unconditionally responsible for our lives, or we loose any constructive change that we were all so desperately looking for.  Our choice requires us to be responsible for the way this country is being run and not follow like sheep.  Our choice requires us to be leaders within our own right and to require our representatives to uphold the Constitution and the entrepreneurial spirit that came to be the American way of life.  The entrepreneurial spirit is exactly what says “I am responsible for my own well-being and I will find a way to support the way of life I desire to live”

We have chosen this path and if we want to raise this country up again, the way is to be a leader and not follow along like sheep.  That way is to be aware and always ask yourself “will this legislation protect the Constitution and will it protect the entrepreneurial spirit of this nation?”  If the answer is yes, full steam ahead!  If the answer is no, or it supports us in relying on the government to solve our personal problems, stand firm in your unconditional responsibility of being a leader and wholeheartedly hold your representatives in congress to reject it.  We have all seen how easy it is to connect with each other and connect with our representatives.  They are there to represent our wishes and support us in being self reliant.  Our success, strength, power, and our experiences come from within and when we become a nation of leaders, we will have that change we have been looking for.