What Kind Of Reality Do You Truly WANT To Experience?

I was recently in a conversation with several people who had their own ideas of how the world should be (don’t we all have our own opinions on that topic?)  The thing that struck me was no matter how opposite the ideas were, everyone focused on what upset them the most instead of what they wanted.  I communicated with there was a way to approach having what you wanted with much less struggle.  This is what the basis of this article is about and I will describe it from the point of view of energy, as we are energetic beings and are affected by energy.

1)  There are only 2 states of being in which we can exist Love or Anger

Most of us see Love or Anger as an emotion, however it is really a state of being.  These states of being produce numerous thoughts, which create the emotions within us, which affect how we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us.  For instance, those that are in the state of being of Love, feel emotions of feeling joy, happiness, contentment, confidence, well-being, empathy, altruism, selflessness, gratitude & optimism among others.  Those that are in the state of being of Anger feel emotions of rage, frustration, jealousy, helplessness, fear, depression, hate, selfishness, judgement, shame, guilt, blame & vengeance among others.

Why is it important to not only understand this, but to know where you are throughout the day?  Because how you choose to exist (Love or Anger) will determine what you are thinking and ultimately projecting out into he world around you and how others & situations respond to you.  Science has been able to measure the state of emotions in the body, and have proven that emotional states affect your physical health.  In addition, your own personal aura, or energy field can be felt by and affects others as well, and is affected by your environment and surroundings.

One exercise to do to see this for yourself is to pay attention to when you are in a state of Anger.  What do you tend to notice around you?  What is your reaction/response to things?  What are your thoughts? How do people respond to you? How quickly do things resolve themselves?  What kinds of solutions do you come up with? What situations do you see yourself in?

Do the same exercise when you notice that you are in a state of Love.

How do you know when you are in either state besides the emotions listed above?  You can know before it even gets to the emotional manifestation.  When you are very aware of you, you can notice what thoughts you are thinking.  Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering?  Are they focused on what the world is doing to me (external) or what I can do in the world (internal)? Are they focused on blaming others or taking responsibility for what you are experiencing (there will be more on this later in this article).

So how does all of this fit together?  When you are in states of Anger, your energy field and your physical well being are functioning at a much less than optimal space.  Your mental/emotional/physical health is at risk and others around you feel your anger whether they are conscious of it or not.  In addition, most people are not conscious of how your anger will affect them because most people walking around are not aware of this kind of influence we have on each other.  Those that ARE conscious, don’t allow that influence to affect them, however 99% of the people you interact with don’t have that ability to shield themselves.

The same affect goes when you are in the state of Love.  When in this state, you will notice others being more helpful to you, solutions to ‘problems’ come easier to you, things seem to run smoothly for you.  The cop that pulls you over doesn’t give you a ticket, the business deal goes through…  Life seems almost ‘magical’ in it’s existence.

Some will even say that our state of being is greatly affected by our DNA.  Science has found that may diseases are genetically passed down, including our own mental health (depression is passed down from one generation to the next).  This is better understood if you think of  DNA as being an energetic code rather than a genetic one.  Science has shown there are frequencies that have been shown to directly affect the DNA that can be created externally or through thought itself.

The great news is that we can choose to be in a state of Anger (destruction) or in a state of Love (construction).  These states are chosen by the thoughts we choose to think.  Thoughts that are responsible, non judgmental, non-blameful and self accepting will put us in states of Love, and thoughts that are conditional, blameful, shameful will put us in states of Anger.  It’s just a matter of us choosing which thoughts to think.  What is even more exciting is the more we raise the frequency of our consciousness, the more we affect those around us in a more empowering way.  The philosophy is true that if you want to change the world, start with yourself.

Most people will say “That is easier said than done!  How do I suddenly change my thoughts when I automatically react a specific way to things that happen to me, or I see the reality of the world around me and it is very unfair and makes me angry at the unfairness of it all!”  Most thought patterns are passed down from one generation to another, through socialization and through our DNA.  You can see this in both the poverty/welfare or wealth/education mindsets that are passed down from generation to generation.  Many would say, “I’m stuck in this generational mindset that creates this reality of unfairness I consistently experience and continue to get angry about!” And they would be right if they didn’t have something to support them in being able to see beyond the current reality they are living so they can move themselves up into another reality that is completely different.  The higher you allow your consciousness to go, the less you will see/experience the injustices in the world.  The less you will experience hateful/destructive behavior from others.

The first step in being able to change is to come to understand that even if you don’t know how to change your thoughts in the moment, your thoughts are affecting your reality, because they are placing you in the energetic pool of certain types of experiences that exist at that energetic level (Think of each energetic level as being in a different pool and in each pool different types of experiences/things/people exist and the only way to change them is to get into a different pool). This is the first step in being able to change your reality, is knowing that it is only you that has the power to change the pool you choose to swim in.

No matter your ethnic/cultural/financial background, you can completely change your reality because your existence and experience is all based in thought/energy and you CAN change your very DNA and pass on that raised state of being to the next generation give them the gift of having a powerful a head start in life.  You will begin to see that you have MUCH more command over your life and others have MUCH less affect on your life, whether it by individual or systemic.  We can see this difference when we see individuals in various ethnic groups claiming that certain things (like racism/bigotry for example) no longer exist, and the other members of that ethnic group being angry about their proclamation.  The mistake these individuals make is that these types of experiences are individual for everyone and based on the consciousness level that they operate at.  These individuals forgot what it was like to exist at that level of consciousness and in that statement, have invalidated everyone else’s very real experience by making blanket statements.  This is where the anger from others in the same group comes from.  They would inspire more members of their group if they said “I am fortunate enough to experience a reality where I am not affected by racism/bigotry.”  It will likely create a debate within the community, however no one will feel invalidated in their experience (remember, at the consciousness level of experiencing a lot of racism/bigotry, one is still looking outside of themselves for validation – there is no right or wrong in it, it just is what it is – either empowering or disempowering.

So how does one break the influences of DNA, socially learned thought patterns, and the constant blasting of our current reality in our face to even begin to think differently so our outer world, reality and experiences can begin to change into something that brings joy, empowerment, grace, ease and abundance into our lives?  Just saying “start thinking differently” isn’t very helpful.  Its like telling someone who was thrown into the deep end of a pool to “start swimming instead of flailing around and drowning!”

A system that supports your being, energetically, spiritually and mentally is what is needed to begin seeing a difference in your reality sooner rather than later instead of going through years and years of exercises.  What is really fun about this kind of system is that it is self perpetuating.  As you see the results (almost immediate in most cases), you become excited and are even more focused and committed to continuing, which yields more results, and the cycle of being Love continues on itself.

What would a system need to have that would allow rapid changes and eventual changes at the DNA level?

Well, the first thing that is required is your commitment to doing things differently.  It is the commitment to think different thoughts and doing what is required to ‘retrain’ yourself into doing that.  It will be uncomfortable at first, however as system that removes as much resistance to feeling that discomfort will allow changes to come more quickly.

A system that actually uses frequencies to strengthen/heal your DNA at the cellular level will automatically cause changes to be made at the subconscious level where you will begin to experience differences in your life almost automatically because you may not be aware at the time of the subtle changes in your thoughts.

A system that shows you how to become aware you your thoughts moment to moment so that you can “realign” your thoughts before they have a chance to manifest the reality that would come with them.

A system that retrains your thoughts so that they are generating the frequency of reprogramming your own DNA more and more frequently as you go along.

A system that builds a permanent foundation for being able to create whatever you want in your life, because you are aware moment to moment what you are doing that is keeping you from having that.  You become so aware that if you are not paying attention to your thoughts, you feel the resistance in your body, which will automatically flag you to ask yourself what thoughts you are thinking that is causing this feeling.

A system that focuses on the subtleties, because that is where the big changes truly reside.  There is a saying that goes “if you focus on the little things, the big things take care of themselves”.  In a system that focuses on the subtleties (what we may consider the little things – however you will discover they are actually HUGE in their ultimate effect), the big things will automatically be addressed.

A system that doesn’t conflict with any religious/spiritual/philosophical belief so there is nothing that will be a blockade to allowing yourself to fully take advantage of the tools available in the system.


So I have found one system that contains all of these components, and that is the Freedom Is Internal Collection. It contains multiple tools that do the following:

S/He Loves Me Audio – This tool is the external frequency support that begins to heal/strengthen your DNA.  Listening to this in the background or foreground repeatedly will support this healing/strengthening to occur sooner rather than later.

The Choice Is Mine Handbook – This tool is the thought support that further heals/strengthens your DNA.  It is 2 volumes.  The 1st volume is something you read repeatedly.  It retrains your thoughts into moving into the higher frequencies so that you are more and more able to hold the healing/love frequency for DNA support.  This volume also works at the subconscious level.  The 2nd Volume explains how our thoughts relate to our very existence and how they affect our reality.  This explanation goes deeply into the subtleties so we get an understanding of why things we think should work or affect our lives don’t in the way we think they do, and busts myths in our society that ultimately hold us back.

The 12 Keys – This tool gives us a foundation of thought patterns that we incorporate into our way of thinking to place us more firmly into the state of being Love.  The more we use them, the more firmly we are rooted into that state so we can experience all of the things that come with that state of being (grace, ease and abundance!)  It comes with a Key Card that we can carry around with us so in the moment we are having a though that is based in Anger, we can address it in the moment and repattern that thought into one that is based in Love.

The Pocket Companion – This tool is something we carry around with us and when we notice we are falling back into the habit of thinking destructive thoughts, we can use this to turn them immediately around again and break the pattern of destruction and reinforce the pattern of construction.


What is even more amazing that just this toolset is that the creator of this system is offering a 45-day acceleration program for those who what to experience significant changes right away.  This 45 day group program is one 15 minute call in the morning and one 15 minute call in the evening.  The benefit of this program is the creator of this material is skilled enough to know where the group is and set them off with the thought patterns that will be most supportive of them in the morning to have a very productive day, and in the evening, catch any of the habitual thought patterns that may have crept in during the day and breaking them.  It takes 45 days to change a habit, and changing the way you think in general will completely change your life.  The best part is that this program is only $30/day for each for a group of 5.  This is a great opportunity for friends, family members or members of an organization to all get on the same page to create more effective change in their family, organization or community.


Purchase the Freedom Is Internal Collection from Here


The 45 day acceleration program is not advertised however if you want to join, fill out the contact form.  The creator of this material is a Master Mentor and only has time to work with those that are truly committed to what they want to create in their lives.