Here is the follow up from last weeks show. In this episode, Veronique continues the conversation on the art of connecting.

Asking questions – Understand the situation by asking questions instead of assuming.

Finding a common ground – what topics do you have in common?
continue to nurture the commonness between you, because we all passion the same thing really.

Complement – we do more for those who appreciate us.
We should realize that everyone wants to have results and to do the best they can do. The best way they can be supported is to allow them to be responsible for what they are responsible for. Hold them to their word. Not only is this applicable to the other person but it is applicable to yourself as well and as such, includes self talk.

So don’t berate yourself, however just allow yourself to be accountable.

Listen to the show and get more detail on these concepts. When you are done, go to The Choice Is Mine and invest in a copy for yourself. You will receive even more insights from these shows.