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The Most Helpful Mindset To Have In Personal And Professional Development – Part III

This is part 3 of this article on the kind of mindset you require to make the most in both your personal development

and professional development, it that is something you are interested in growing into.  This last piece of the article talks about courage and wisdom and how these two characteristics assist in getting faster growth with your professional and personal development path.

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COURAGE Found in Your Passion/Commitment: Courage is the inner passion, a drive to progress regardless of the perceived difficulty. Actions are “preceded” by the strength of your words. Words are “preceded’ by the courage found in your inner passion. All combined creates your experiences. For the purpose of this three part article we are going to discuss the Strength of your words, the Courage found in your passion and Wisdom found in reality as the keeper of truth… how this ties into you becoming aware of how your perception of love is at your core. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you MUST STEP FORWARD and meet the requirements of the time, of “your” current situation through competence. Competence describes MORE than just skills and knowledge. Competence represents anything that improves your ability to perform, including your knowledge, skills, relationships, resourcefulness, processes, systems and information. Building your competence boosts your confidence. Building competence requires courage…courage to face the reality through facts. Seek honest feedback based on reality as the keeper of truth. Then, be ready for what you might hear and be prepared to make changes that might feel uncomfortable, yet it […]

The Most Helpful Mindset To Have In Personal And Professional Development – Part I

We all have heard the phrase that we are our own worst enemy.  Truth is, we are our only antagonist to reaching our goals when  they don’t align

with our internal beliefs.  So knowing this, what is the best mindset to have when reaching in and understanding how we may be getting in our own way?


STRENGTH, COURAGE and WISDOM are three fundamental keys that form the foundation in having a powerful mindset to grow your personal and professional life. First, I will address a rudiment, a core knowledge that lives in every human being and how this “core” either destructively or constructively effects your ability to grow strongly, personally and professionally through the strength, courage and wisdom that is necessary for personal and professional development. To discover this core and how it influences your choices, you must first look at reality. Reality, if looked at without interpretation, can keep you real and guide you to discover what is at the heart of your choices.

WHAT IS AT THE CORE of the STRENGTH of your words, the COURAGE found in your passion/commitment and the WISDOM you can gain from looking honesty, without interpretation or mis-perception, at reality as the keeper of truth… LOVE and your perception of it.

Human beings live by and through love alone. Love is an unadulterated power “within you” a God given gift that can propel your life personally and professionally through greater ease, grace and abundance. As a youth you formed your perception of what you “think” love is. This perception is […]

Top Barriers To Personal Development And Professional Growth

This article gives a very different spin on personal development and the barriers that we all face within ourselves.  This goes beyond your usual “belief systems”, which can seem kind of daunting, and focuses on things that are within our grasp.  Read on for more about what I am talking about.

The biggest barrier to Personal Growth and Professional Development is ONE answer… THINKING that ONE person, ONE thought, ONE word, ONE action can’t make a difference.

ONE “can and will” make a difference through a simple rule… living through grace… through God, by being accountable and responsible in your free will choice to empower your life through positive/supportive thoughts, words and actions. Being congruent in your thoughts, words and actions is a “way to be” that transmits support to your subconscious mind that enables you to receive your goals through specified actions that produce various degrees of success that builds upon itself from “you” simply doing onto others as you would have them do unto you… without taking on another’s responsibility. This ONE action teaches your subconscious mind how to have the trust and faith that ONE person, ONE thought, ONE word, ONE action can make a difference! How do you do access and connect to your trust and faith so you know that ONE can make a difference?

1) Be accountable and responsible for the change you want to experience.

Being accountable through sincere exchanges allows the power of “ONE” to unfold through a sequence of events which begin forming and building upon themselves. It doesn’t matter how you choose to make a difference. This choice, no matter how large or small, gradually reinforces your subconscious mind to allow what you want to unfold to come […]