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Remember, there are no life lessons – Personal Development Tip

In this podcast entry, Veronique is a guest speaker on KVSP radio where she discusses the concept of having no life lessons. This is a huge personal development tip because if you understand this concept, then you can get off of the gerbil wheel of life lesson after life lesson after life lesson…. Just remember what you already know, and don’t judge what is happening to you by what you THINK it is. Get all the facts first before you decide what is happening. Listen to the podcast for more info.

Radio Show Episode – Connecting With Your Intuition, and the Power of Your Intuition

This radio show covers another of the powerful keys that turn conditional thoughts into unconditional thoughts. “Remember What I Have Forgotten Within Myself and I Have No Life Lessons”. This key is about getting back to allowing your intuition to guide you instead of your mind. Our mind was never supposed to figure out how we should live to get what it is that we want. It is our intuition that allows us to go through life through grace, ease and abundance.

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Accelerated Personal Development… Just Remember What We Have Forgotten

We feel we need to go through lesson after lesson after life lesson in order to grow, or to gain insights so we can become more conscious.  Each lesson takes us closer to the insights that we feel we need to learn to get to that next step.  However, we have forgotten that we already have all of that insight, and knowledge within us already.  It isn’t a matter of going through lesson after lesson.  It is just a matter  of allowing ourselves to remember what it is that we have forgotten.  We don’t require life lessons when all we need to do is allow our intuition to come online and connect us with that inner knowledge.

The energy it takes to allow is much lower than the energy to learn, especially if it is done through going through experience after experience after experience.

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Personal Growth and Life Lessons

Our own personal growth process is really a case of remembering what we have forgotten.  We have convinced ourselves that this process is really about learning from experiences we have in our lives, that we call  ‘life lessons’.  These ‘life lessons’ are really experiences that help us to remember what we already ‘know’.  The more we allow ourselves to remember what we already know, the less we will have the need to create these ‘life lessons’.   Listen to this radio show that goes into much more detail.