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Everyone Has Power – Even the Seemingly Lowest Among Us

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about power and what that really means.  This friend is a very wise individual who I think has uncovered the recipe of life.  In any respect, I was talking about an article i read about sex trafficking and sex slaves.  The article said that in these cases, the people who participate in such activities, have a sense of power over the sex slaves, and see them as objects.  Having the feeling of ‘power’ over the sex slave makes them feel very important.

The truth is, that no one really has power over you.  In the current moment, it may seem like there are others who are in a position of power over you.  In that case certain aspects it would be true (meaning they have control over you physically in the moment.  The one thing that no one has control over, is the thoughts that you think and how you perceive a situation.  The power is that what you think about most, you will eventually receive.  If you are in a situation where it seems hopeless, then focusing on the hopelessness, will change nothing.  Focusing on what you want to change and feeling how you will feel in that new situation will change your situation.  This is why no one ultimately has power over anyone.  As you increase in your personal growth, you will begin to see truth of this example.

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Secrets of the Rich – Why are the Rich That Way?

Why are the rich so well off financially while the vast majority of society is struggling?  Why did the popular book The Secret not work for the majority of those that read it?  It wasn’t a hoax, it wasn’t something that was a bunch of BS that wasn’t real.  It was just missing, or not emphasizing some key elements that would have made the difference.

The key is, that you have to know that you are going to receive what it is that you are asking for, no matter how seemingly impossible it looks.  What most of us do is we base what we can have based on what is in front of us that we can interact with by using our 5 senses.  That is only .1% of the whole picture.  99.9% of the whole picture comes from beyond our 5 senses (that 6th or 7th sense).  Our thoughts and beliefs are what will keep us in line with creating what it is that we want.  When we begin to doubt, we push it away, and we have to start over again.  Doubting = the death of your dream.  That is why the techniques in The Secret didn’t work for many people.  They were erased by doubt, and the huge ingrained habits of negative thinking that we have all been programmed to approach life with.

Think about how many negative, self defeating thoughts you have on a daily basis?  The truth is, you are using The Secret, but you aren’t using it in a way that will give you what you love.  Keep track of the number of negative thoughts you have on a daily basis, and make a commitment to yourself to reduce it […]

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Keeping a Positive Outlook In This Economy…

The news from Wall Street and the Financial industry is not very promising.  If we are not conscious and diligent, it can lead to stress and cause us to fall into the energy of despair and hopelessness. As in the law of attraction; what you put out is what you get back. So how do you continue to put out abundance, ease and wealth during these times without diluting your constructive energy by falling back into the hopeless feelings and erasing your desired outcomes?  Why is it even important to stay in a positive and empowered space?  Will it even make a difference?

You cannot solve a problem at the same level the problem was created. Raising your level of energy will allow you to not get caught up in what is going on with our economy and will allow you to steer your way through without falling into loss, lack and illness.

On Tuesday October 14th at 8:00pm EST, we will have a teleseminar where we will go over some of the tools that you can use to keep your perspective so that you can continue to manifest abundance no matter what the economy is doing.  With some simple tools and a powerful system, you will discover just how easy it is to consciously influence your life no matter what is going on.

Sign up and reserve your spot at The Choice Is Mine

Spaces are limited.

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Stress and How to Deal With It…. It’s Simpler Than You Might Think

In this radio episode, we have our guest Emily ask how to deal with stress. The answer is quite basic. It is in the way you view your situation and how you choose to experience it. However, the difference is not only in knowing this, but in living it. Nothing can be changed when it remains on an intellectual level. It is only changed when it is a part of you as breathing is a part of you. Listen in for some powerful insights…

Warning, these are only insights, you must ground them with clear and concise action in order to make a difference.

Reduce Your Stress With These Powerful Tools

Teleseminar Reminder Plus You Receive What You Manifest

New Post today. Hello everyone! I just want to remind you of a teleseminar we are having on the tools in The Choice Is Mine that assist you in taking the concepts of what you know you need to do to reach your goals abundantly, and making them an innate part of you so you do them automatically.

The teleseminar is August 12th at 6:30pm. Sign up here and get your spot:

personal empowerment teleseminar

On to the radio show.

This radio show was very exciting because we discussed how we never really do anything that we don’t in some way or somehow, get something out of. This insight is shared through the answering of a question asked by a listener about getting dragged into their roommates dramas, and how can they avoid them. If you see yourself in this question in any way, shape or form, then this is the program for you.

Change your mind change your life – Choose your experiences.

In the vein of change your mind, change your life, this podcast episode explains that even when we have an experience that we may think is annoying, or a hassle, the way we choose to experience the situation will affect the outcome of the situation. The situation can end in great discord and upset if you are being conditional with what you are experiencing, or the situation can end in ease if you choose to experience your situation unconditionally. Even the way in which the situation may occur will depend upon how you are currently being in the world, conditional or unconditional. This powerful concept certainly makes a difference in how you allow things to come to you…. Through loss, lack and illness, or through grace, ease and abundance. Listen in to this great episode to get more info.

Take the action to bring these powerful changes into your life today 

Law of attraction on streroids – you experience your beliefs

Your experiences are a manifestation of your beliefs.  That is why if there are 10 people experiencing a situation, there are 10 different experiences of that situation.  The power of this insight is that we are no longer at the mercy of some random force for how we can live our lives.  This insight now puts us back in the driver’s seat.  We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.  Lets claim our lives and live them through what it is that we love.  Listen in to this episode as this insight is discussed.

What Kind Of Creators Are We?

The upcoming teleseminar generated a small discussion in a personal development forum. It was about one of the submitted questions that was answered prior to the teleseminar. One part of the answer caught the attention of someone which was:

We never create what doesn’t in some way serve our highest priority.

This answer was in response to someone asking how they could create $7000 by June 15th. Well, if we are the creators of our experiences, then why would we create a situation that would put us in the hole for $7000? I mean, who enjoys that? Why not just create a situation that you don’t need that amount of money so quickly, or that you already have it in your bank account?

The importance of this answer is that for some reason and purpose, the situation was created exactly as it was because the person is receiving something out of needing $7000 in less than a week. This is the key understanding when it comes to the Law of Attraction and manifestation. We are ALWAYS using the Law of Attraction, and we are always attracting to us, what is our highest priority. We just may not be aware of what is our highest priority.

The power of a system that allows you to know what is your highest priority, is that it very quickly uncovers what are your subconscious beliefs that are holding you back. The power of a system such as TCIM, is that it uncovers your subconscious beliefs in a way that allows you to be unconditional with yourself. Your current highest priority is your current […]

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The Missing Piece To Attracting What You Want

The missing piece to attracting what you want in your life is the understanding that we live in a physical world and that requires physical action – or doing.  When we receive an ah-ha, or an insight, what do we do with that?  Do we just think about it?  Do we process it over and over again?  Or do we DO something about it?  What action do we take with that ah-ha or insight that we have?  What do we begin doing differently at that moment?

One way to approach it is to accept what it is you have done up to this point has given you what you currently have.   Don’t judge yourself for it.  Stand in the unconditional responsibility that you are receiving exactly what you want, whether it is conscious or not.  If it is NOT what you consciously want, determine what you are getting out of the situation and once you understand that piece, you can choose differently.  When you choose differently, you do differently.

It is in the doing that gives us what we want, but we can’t get that until we know what it is that we need to do differently.  We can’t know what to do differently until we understand what it is that we are getting out of the current situation we are in.  Ask yourself the questions and allow your intuition to give you the answers.  Don’t judge the answers you get, and then decide if you really want change in your life or you are actually satisfied with what you are receiving from your current situation.  Whatever you decide, stand in the knowing that this is what you […]

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What is keeping you from having what you want!

In this radio podcast, we discuss the answer to the question:

I have read all of the books, listened to all the gurus and done all of the affirmations and incantations in the world and I have only experienced small changes in my life, not the quantum leap I was  looking for.  I don’t feel like I am blocking myself, but I must be blocking myself because there is really no other reason… The question is, How do I go about finding out why I can’t attract my desired life?

This is a very eye opening answer and one that will get you thinking differently.