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Being Your Authentic Self

In this radio episode, we answer a question from Jim, about does he need to mimic the prospect to get the prospect to feel more comfortable with him. Being your authentic self will actually allow the client to feel more comfortable with you because they sense you are coming from your truth. Listen in to understand the subtleties of being our authentic self.

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Author of The Choice Is Mine Personal Development Course On a Guest Radio Show Spot

Veronique, the creator of the groundbreaking course, “The Choice Is Mine”, will have a guest spot on the radio tomorrow Wednesday, April 16 th at 9:40 mountain time on KVSP radio station.  She will be sharing powerful insights into what holds us back from achieving the abundance in the universe that is our birthright.  Join us and listen in live at and catch our podcast of this show and all other shows.  You can subscribe to our podcast with this link, or you can subscribe using your favorite reader with the links on the right side of this page.

For more information on The Choice Is Mine, you can check out this personal transformation course and get a deeper understanding of the material.

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