Personal Development Tip – The Benefits Of Being Unconditional

In this guest spot, Veronique talks about how being unconditional can allow you to really handle situations as they really are and handle people as they really are without having to become a doormat.  Listen in to the few examples that are provided and how to become this unconditional state.

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What It Means to Truly Be Unconditional.

In this weeks podcast, the host shares an experience she had while she was in India.  She talks about how she truly came to the knowing – not just the intellectual understanding, but the knowing of understanding the statement that was shared with her years ago by a Master.

That statement was:

“When you are able to look upon the bloodened baby (baby that was beat), and the one who bloodened the baby (beat the baby) with the same compassion, then you will know what I know, and you will know God”

Listen in to get the rest of this enlightening episode.

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Personal Development Tip – The Importance of Being Uncondional

When you are unconditional with yourself, you can experience conditions that seem horrific and depressing without being dragged into emotionally.  It doesn’t mean that you don’t see the situation as being horrific, it just means that you can see the situation as terrible as it may seem without being dragged down emotionally and mentally into the situation.  In this weeks radio podcast, we have a guest calling from the field in the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav discussing the trials and tribulations of the animal rescue people and how they are greatly affected emotionally, physically and spiritually by their jobs.  Some even resort to suicide as the answer to dealing with their situation.  On this call, the guest got an answer to her question that she didn’t think could get an answer to.  She also received 2 very powerful keys that gave her instant relief to some of the emotional costs of her job.

A very powerful episode!

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Resistance and the law of attraction

What you resist persists. That is true in all areas of our lives including emotions. When we are resisting an emotion, we enable it to get stronger and stronger. The need at allow it to pass without resistance becomes important or we will recreate the emotion again.

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When experiencing a negative emotion, recognize it is an opportunity to grow into observing that emotion and avoid fuel ing that energy. Let fear, anger or whatever you are feeling that is negative fade by allowing the energy of your true being to flow. Taking a deep breath and on the exhale say I Am That and on the inhale say I Am and add peace, joy, gratitude or another attribute of our true self that is perfect for the moment. For example: I Am That, I Am grateful I Am That, I Am prosperous […]

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Another Comment on The Moses Code Movie

This clip is from an article by Wendy Garrett and her comments on The Moses Code. She made a comment about what exists with us and I would like to expand on that.

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As as an Intuitive, I call it birthing. You cannot create that which does not exist within you. That statement levels no judgment. We create all that we can envision and all that which we can elevate our ability to fathom; and from that ensuing creation and mis-creation, we all evolve.

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