A magical life, will still have its Hills and Valleys. It just means that you’re able to see the magic in the Hills and Valleys.  You can also see the purpose in the Hills and Valleys and are able to embrace the joys of the Hills and Valleys.  When you’re in the magic, you’re able to go through them in an ease, grace and in an abundance in life.

How do you get to the State of Consciousness where you are living a magical life?  You get to that state of being by

1) allowing all things,
2) being in the joy,
3) having trust and faith,
4) and attaching yourself to nothing.

What do you need to do be able to do these 4 core things? You get there by being accountable and responsible unconditionally with self and others simultaneously. Unconditional means no judgment, blame, guilt or shame on self or others simultaneously in any and all situations.

How do you get to the state of consciousness where you are unconditional?  You get there by being aware of self… your emotions, thoughts, feelings, choices and actions.  How do you become aware? You become aware by looking at reality as the Keeper Of Truth without filters of misperceptions.

How do you become able to see reality without your own filters blocking the truth? You have to first quiet your mind. You quiet your mind from all of the things of what you think something is about, and you allow it to truly evolve to what it truly is.

You must come to the point of realizing the purpose of the experience, the purpose of what has come to your life and recognize that somewhere within what you ask God, the Universe for, it is unfolding in these experiences that are coming to you.

If your mind is wanting to control your experiences and is attempting to control them with either subtle or blatant manipulation, it really doesn’t matter. Your mind is still not allowing the purpose and good of the situation to unfold and is still not allowing, nor having trust and faith that whatever came upon you, was you bringing it into your life that was answering a question of what you ask of life.  It was your mind taking you away from being in the joy of your creation and not allowing you to realize that in all things that you embrace with love,  there will be a subtle Joy, trust and faith, allowing all things, and attaching yourself to nothing. This means you’re not attaching yourself to how you think it should be, or how you think the outcome should be. Instead, you are still asking for what you want want.

So what do you want?  You want joy.  You want happiness.  You want freedom. Realize that you can’t attach yourself to “I want joy, happiness and freedom from that person over there.” If your joy is to come from them, then so be it. Then they are in harmony with you and you are allowing them. If your joy doesn’t come from them, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be denied it. As long as you are allowing all things, it will come to you and it will come to you easily, gracefully and abundantly as long as you attach yourself to nothing, you allow all things, you stay in the joy and you have trust and faith.  This trust and faith is not outside of yourself. It is having the trust and faith that somehow someway this is what you asked for, and however it is showing up, it may not be the package you were expected it to show up in, but it is showing up to support you in having what you say want.

Now part of all this is being exceptionally clear in what you want. In that clarity with no hidden agendas attached to it, you are clear like a laser. you will have what you want. it will arrive sooner rather than later as long as you allow all things, you attach yourself to nothing, you have trust and faith and you stay in the Joy. Again how do you stay in Joy? You stay in Joy by being accountable and responsible unconditionally for how you are feeling and the experiences you are going through. How do you get to where you are in Joy? Again you’ve got to quiet your mind from all the rhetoric, false impressions, from misperceptions from filters that you have layered upon different things that keep manifesting same old same old.

How does the mind manifest same old same old? Because it is continually reinforcing same old same old through judgment, blame, guilt and shame,  through not having trust and faith, attaching yourself to something, not being in the joy, and not allowing all things.

That’s all there is.


The Freedom Is Internal Collection supports you in understanding how to be in joy in circumstances that feel like there’s no joy there. you will begin to remember this innocence this love within you that will allow you to attached yourself to nothing, to have trust and faith, to be in to Joy, and to allow all things.