These 12 keys are vital to being able to change conditional thoughts in to unconditional thoughts. The way these keys are used is whenever you experience any upset throughout your day, you intuitively pick one of these keys and repeat it over and over again until the emotion you are experiencing with the upset dissipates. To find more information about how to use the keys and more description and meaning behind them, go to The Choice Is Mine.
First Key: Knowing the Pure and Divine Ego
Second Key: The Distinction Between Being your true ’Self ’ & the Responsibility of being the true ‘Self.’
Third Key: Remember What I Have Forgotten Within Myself and I Have no Life Lessons
Forth Key: What Is Honestly Good for Me, Is Honestly Good for You – We are One
Fifth Key: The Reflection of Self from Others
Sixth Key: True Inner Intent Always Equals Outcome
Seventh Key: No Right or Wrong, No Lesser or greater Simply, ‘It Is What It Is’
Eighth Key: Look for the Purpose; Look for the Good
Ninth Key: Be Light Hearted in Everything I Do Because it is in the Love of Me
Tenth Key: Apply Each of the Keys to Life Consistently and Repeatedly
Eleventh Key: Using My free will through Unconditional Love and Responsibility, Blessings are Endless.
Twelfth Key: I am the creator of my thoughts, feelings, actions, and ultimately my experiences.

copyright 2008 Veronique

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