I was reading another persons blog today and they spoke about an incident she had with another person… Apparently the other person was rather irate with her and wasn’t willing to solve the problem through discussion.  As she was reflecting on this incident, she related to the moses code “I am that, I am”, and how she was able to say that she was this person and had been this person several times in her life.  She said this allowed her to see the other person with more compassion because she has been in their place before.

I would like to take that a step further….  Life is a reflection of you, just as others are.  When you are experiencing anything from another person, they are a mirror to what is going on within yourself.  At that moment, you can choose to be unconditionally responsible for what you are putting out into the world (see that the other person is really reflecting what is going on within yourself), or put it all on the other person.

This point of view empowers you because it allows you to see where you are being conditional in your life, and you now have the awareness, and thus power to change it into something that will be more supportive of what you want in your life.  Does it mean being a doormat for others to spew all over you?  No, everyone has to be responsible for their actions, but it does mean that you have to see what it is that you are putting out into the world, and how you are being in the world, if you want to be  unconditionally responsible and live as a conscious and abundant creator.

There is much more on this subject in this self help course.

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