A review of the 3 CD audio product S/He Loves Me.

she loves me croppedS/He Loves Me is separated into the 3 major functions it addresses and is each function is addressed in a CD for a total of 165 minutes of pure consciousness expanding experiences.

The 1st CD is the story of the authors journey coming from a place of fear, anger and ignorance as to why her life is always in a constant turmoil.  In the CD, the author describes how she has always followed the teachings of society and her church and nothing seemed to work for her.  She would get ahead in one area of her life, but it was always  through struggle and at times, those changes never seemed to stay permanent.  She shares her story in such a way that the listener can really relate to her struggles, as they address most of the struggles that we have as human beings, and as members in this society.  She addresses issues and problems that we all deal with no matter what level of the socioeconomic latter we belong to, or no matter what cultural group we belong to, because she addresses the basic human struggle.  In part of the CD, she asks herself “If I am doing everything I have been told to do, why is my life still in turmoil and struggle?  What am I missing?”

The 2nd CD provides the answers.  In a voice that projects ultimate acceptance and love, the answers come forth in a manner that is clear and concise.  Some of these answers may not be understood completely, however the more one listens to this CD, the more one will […]