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New Post today. Hello everyone! I just want to remind you of a teleseminar we are having on the tools in The Choice Is Mine that assist you in taking the concepts of what you know you need to do to reach your goals abundantly, and making them an innate part of you so you do them automatically.

The teleseminar is August 12th at 6:30pm. Sign up here and get your spot:

personal empowerment teleseminar

On to the radio show.

This radio show was very exciting because we discussed how we never really do anything that we don’t in some way or somehow, get something out of. This insight is shared through the answering of a question asked by a listener about getting dragged into their roommates dramas, and how can they avoid them. If you see yourself in this question in any way, shape or form, then this is the program for you.

Author of The Choice Is Mine Personal Development Course On a Guest Radio Show Spot

Veronique, the creator of the groundbreaking course, “The Choice Is Mine”, will have a guest spot on the radio tomorrow Wednesday, April 16 th at 9:40 mountain time on KVSP radio station.  She will be sharing powerful insights into what holds us back from achieving the abundance in the universe that is our birthright.  Join us and listen in live at and catch our podcast of this show and all other shows.  You can subscribe to our podcast with this link, or you can subscribe using your favorite reader with the links on the right side of this page.

For more information on The Choice Is Mine, you can check out this personal transformation course and get a deeper understanding of the material.

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New Radio Show to Empower Those To Thrive in a Sluggish Economy

    Orlando, FL — Fact: Billionaire US investor Warren Buffett said that the American economy was already in a recession. This places special meaning and importance to anyone who is affected by the economy.  Let’s face it, in today’s economic environment, the standard means of keeping our head above the water just won’t cut it if we want to do more than barely survive.  We need something new and something different.

Veronique, founder and CEO of Veronique Inc and Enlightened Heart Foundation is providing just this.  Veronique now has a radio show airing on WWNN that deals with teaching individuals, organizations, and schools how to weather the current conditions and come out on top, as well as gives them the inspiration to know they have the choice and the power to rise above their status quo.

    “…I have spent over 20 year in the personal growth industry and I have even taught classes myself on personal growth and development. When I first heard about Veronique’s course, I thought ‘What could I possibly learn from this class?’ Did I ever get the answer after the class was over. In a matter of weeks, I discovered what it was that was holding me back and keeping be down. I am now a successful published author and I can say it was all because of the powerful perception of love I learned in her beta class which allowed me to choose differently .”
– Debra Gano – Author of Beauty’s Secret

On Thursday, March 17, the radio show made its debut, on WWNN live from 3:00 to 3:30pm, and will also be available via podcast at as well as via webcast at

Her show will also air again on […]

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Teleseminar on Self Esteem and the Esteemed Self

Wow!  That was a powerful teleseminar we had on Tuesday the 9th, and those of you who weren’t able to make it, we did record it.

To briefly recap, we discussed the answers to some of the questions that were presented and we also discussed the meaning of the esteemed self and self esteem.

Some of the really key points that get you to pause in your thinking are the relationship between truth and resistance.  If we are experiencing an event in our lives where we are reacting or making excuses, and not standing in the unconditional responsibility of the experience, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to receive some insight which will helps us discover the truth.  The truth is what is motivating us to do the things we do.  As long as we are not conscious of our motivations, we cannot do things differently if we are not happy with our current situation.

We also discussed the answer to a question someone had about money and if they had money could they not be spiritual.  It’s not having the money that  makes you not spiritual, it’s the idolization of money that gets in your way.  You may need a large amount of money in your life to be able to serve those around you in the best way that you know how.  You are always supported in your highest priority.

We also discussed the term ‘self esteem’ and how that sets up a conflict in our subconscious mind because of the duality of definitions these two words create together in this way.  As we use these words in our communication with ourselves and others, it affects how we create our reality.  We did a cool excercise […]

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Teleseminar On Why The Term ‘Self Esteem’ Is Misleading

The Choice is Mine will host a teleseminar on Tuesday April 8th at 8:00pm Eastern time that will discuss the contradiction we have in our mind when we use the term “Self Esteem”.  In this teleseminar, you will discover why it sets up a contradiction in our mind and what we should do instead when it comes to focusing on our personal development.

If you are one who has always focused on your ‘Self Esteem’ to improve your life, or your personal well being and have wondered why it was so difficult, or took such a long time to accomplish, then this teleseminar is for you.  If you are into the “Law of Attraction” then you will see how subtle, yet how significant the way we think about thing will determine what we allow into our lives.  You will learn a powerful way of bringing grace, ease and abundance into your life and be introduced to proven tools that have already helped thousands of others.

To register for this free teleseminar, go to

Leave a question if you would like it answered on the teleseminar.

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