This speaker for the ISSSEEM Conference is going to cover ADHD and children.  He is Howard Glasser, a well know expert in the field of ADHD in children and his non-traditional methods of helping children with this condition.   In this article titled:  “Glasser Takes ADHD Kids Off Drugs” by Mimi Schaefer, discusses his background and his participation in the conference.

ADHD Expert and Author, Howard Glasser, Comes to Westminster, Colorado

Howard Glasser, author of ” Transforming the Difficult Child,” is a man best known for creating the Nurtured Heart Approach for treating childhood ADHD. Howard knows from his own experience. As a self-described difficult, annoying, challenging child who continually pushed the limits, Glasser shows the world what works and what doesn’t when treating children with ADHD.

Mr. Glasser will be presenting on his latest book entitled ” YOU Are Oprah: Lighting the Fires of Greatness” in Westminster, Colorado on June 26th. He will conduct a half day workshop on realizing your greatness as part of a larger conference for the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM). ISSSEEM is very pleased to bring such a high caliber expert as a presenter. ISSSEEM CEO, Denise Lewis Premschak says, “Howard’s work has been transformational for so many families. His techniques have helped so many children. We are honored to have someone of his great stature and someone so highly respected at the Sacred Synthesis: Science with Heart conference.”

After a decade of training therapists, touring and presenting to large audiences across the country, Glasser says he is most proud of the fact that he is responsible for keeping more children off of psychiatric medications than perhaps any other living person. The Nurtured Heart Approach is working successfully in over 10,000 classrooms, in several hundred schools, group homes and residential facilities. Glasser conservatively estimates the Nurtured Heart Approach has helped over 100,000 kids and their parents live happily.

Glasser confessed he passed through a personal crisis a while ago which caused him to refocus and shift gears. “As you breathe life into this greatness, you see it and you accept it as a part of you, and it opens you up. Energetically, society seems to celebrate negativity by focusing on the bad things. In this way, we attract negativity into our lives. We can choose to change direction and focus for ourselves. You can’t live your passion until you are re-aligned energetically. The earlier this occurs, the more fully we can live our lives and pursue our passions.”

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